Couple frustration 3: YeonYoon couple (Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Hyun Min)

For my 3rd frustration when it comes to K-drama coupling, I present you one of my strangest pairings! Yes, you heard that right. And I call this pairing the “YeonYoon” couple, derived, of course, from the names of Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Hyun Min.

If you’re asking me (while raising your eyebrow at that) where on earth did I pick up the slightest idea of pairing up these two, let me enlighten you: I got the idea after watching the – wait for it – Inspiring generation! Yes, the same drama where my 2nd couple frustration, the JaeSe couple, was born out of. Don’t be surprised. Because to tell you honestly, I ship a lot of the guys in Inspiring generation with Jin Se Yeon (you’ll get the drift after I’ve finished all my “couple frustration posts” from this same drama, don’t worry). 🙂

I call them a strange couple because, well, aside from the fact that they are far from that: a couple, no one would ship them if you’ve watched the whole drama. Hyun Min’s character, Aoki, was the Japanese soldier who killed the mother of Se Yeon’s character, Ok Ryeon. Also, Aoki was rather in love with Im Soo Hyang’ character, Gaya. There was no hint of romantic pining from either side whatsoever.

So, you see, just with that story line above and you’ll get the idea why this couple is indeed strange, made stranger by the fact that this was exactly the reason why I ship them. Now you know why I call them a “frustration.” 😀

Of course, just like what usually happens, I only knew about Yoon Hyun Min because of Se Yeon. And I would very much like it if they could reunite in another drama as an OTP. I know it sounds impossible, but hey! One can dream big, right? XD Here, enough with the chat and let’s get on with the photos! They didn’t much have interaction in Inspiring generation (because obviously Aoki was busy being the bad ass villain while Ok Ryeon was mostly kept by Jung Tae’s side, thanks to the script writer or director), but I’ll make do of what I’ve got.

Part 1:

Let’s start with their official photos.

And boy, they both can sing! How cool is that, yes?

age 185

age 657 age 685

Part 2:

Too bad this is the only fan art they’ve got. Arrgghhh!!!


I don’t know about you, but this short confrontation scene between Aoki and Ok Ryeon just hit me differently from everybody else. I just saw past the characters and saw Hyun Min and Se Yeon instead. With this so much emotions, hatred and anger they may be, just made these two sizzle before my very eyes. I kind of squealed like a retarded seal when Se Yeon – I mean, Ok Ryeon – grabbed Aoki’s collar. And the stare down, OMGosh!!! I just can’t, people! I mean, I had the fantasy of Aoki grabbing Ok Ryeon – or rather Hyun Min grabbing Se Yeon in his arms, imprisoning her so tightly and kissing her passionately. Their very close proximity in this scene just made me want to fantasize. I just can’t stop thinking how wide Hyun Min’s shoulders were, and I’m betting it’d be so nice to lay your head on his chest. Se Yeon looked so fragile and dainty against him. Oh, boy! This is intense!!!!

age 889

age 890 age 891

Part 3:

Still photos

:age 340

age 342

age 343 age 344


Part 4:

My own edited photos! Gah, this is all I can do. Better than nothing, though.

age 1102


BeFunky_age 1046.jpg

age 1065

Part 5:

Even though they didn’t have much scenes together, thankfully we have talented video editors on youtube. Particularly TheVolterra13 from whose video I screen capped these beautiful photos. It’s one of her crossover video creations. She made my “impossible” ship possible, and for that I thank her. Hugely thank her! If you watch this crossover vid, you’ll get that “oh-wow-I-wish-they-were-indeed-a-couple” vibe. In particular, these photos tell an entirely and purely imaginative story between Aoki and Ok Ryeon. If I didn’t know about the drama, I would think this was the real story.

crossover 82 crossover 83 crossover 84 crossover 86 crossover 87 crossover 88 crossover 89 crossover 90 crossover 91 crossover 92

This would be my favorite photo: Se Yeon and Hyun Min smiling at each other, with Se Yeon holding a bouquet of flowers, evidently touched, and Hyun Min staring at her adoringly…..Ah, my shipper heart is just flying around my chest. If only they can be a real OTP. *deep sigh*

crossover 93

(if you’re curious to watch the crossover video, here’s the link:


PART 5 Couple frustration 1: YeonWook couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

5th installment of my YeonWook couple. Oh, well, don’t look so surprised! 😀

These are my own edits. I screen capped these photos from crossover videos on youtube made by The Volterra13. She’s got tons of crossoever vids that feature Jin Se Yeon (and her other main and second male leads). If you watch her vids, you’ll love it.

>>  I had this imaginary scene in my head where Chang Wook plays a rich, charismatic man who fell in love with a beautiful woman, Jin Se Yeon. And because of complications, he was forced to let her go. OMGosh, the angst! Please make this couple happen. It’s long over due.

ff 02

ff 03

>> Another edited photo of mine from their drama “Five Fingers.” Yeah, this was supposed to be a meme, but it was all I noticed.

ff 2

More memes that I created:

ff 01

ff 02

PART 2 Couple Frustration 1: YeonWook Couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

Part 4:

In between takes, these two would goof around with each other or with the cameraman. My shipper heart just dropped dead from all the giddiness; so full of rainbows, guys. My favorite part would be when Se Yeon jokingly jabbed Chang Wook’s stomach. Oh, they’re just so comfortable with each other. 😉

ff 938 ff 941 ff 942 ff 943 ff 944 ff 945

Of course, we have their on-screen scenes from the drama. Not in particular order. Here goes:

Part 1:

This would be their first meeting; Jin Se Yeon’s character, Hong Da Mi, played the piano piece that actually belonged to Joo Ji Hoon’s character, Ji Hoo. She got it by accident. Her belongings got swapped with Ji Hoo’s when their bikes collided some days before. At the first photo set, In Ha looked up when he heard Da Mi playing, mainly because he knew that piece and that he also knew it belongs to his brother. And then he spotted Da Mi herself, and he was struck with her. The second photo set, he defended her when that restaurant owner accused her of lying about her school credentials, stating she had no right to be playing the piano because she’s uneducated. In Ha rescued her and “verified” her academic background, saying she indeed went to a prestigious university. It was a lie, of course, but the way he defended her just foretold how far he was willing to go just to protect her interest. Ji Chang Wook and Jin Se Yeon were just oozing with so much chemistry on this episode that even though the whole situation wasn’t at all romantic, I couldn’t actually help but wished she’d rather end up with him. 😀

ff 54

ff 90

Part 2:

The way he looks at her…. OMGosh!

ff 187

ff 188

Part 3:

In Ha, Chang Wook’s character, was the happiest when he’s with Da Mi. Off-screen, I can say the same thing. 🙂

ff 078 ff 079 ff 080 ff 081 ff 082 ff 083

ff 249

Part 4:

Even though In Ha was claustrophobic, he still went with Da Min on Ferris wheel (or was it Ferris wheel? I forgot, sorry) ride. While they were there, his phobia attacked and he ended up sprawled on the floor, catching his precious breath. He wanted to be with her so much he ignored his own fears. Not to mention the exchange of smiles between these two just almost knocked me unconscious.

ff 666 ff 667 ff 668 ff 669 ff 670

Part 5:

Ok, fine, In Ha’s a stalker. But despite his clingy attitude, I couldn’t help but pity him. Specially when he came to her aid once again as Da Mi slipped on the steel ladder and almost fell.

ff 800 ff 801 ff 802

Part 6:

This! This is my ultimate favorite scene. Although it only happened in In Ha’s mind while he was drunk, it was just so epic. Nothing gets me more than a handsome man in some angsty moment, and Chang Wook looked so handsome despite looking disheveled. And then when he turned around, and saw Da Mi, who was actually not Da Mi, that look of desperation and longing in his eyes just killed me. I squealed like an idiot when he walked towards her and then imprisoned her in his arms. I thought she was small but she looked as though she was made to be there, in his strong arms, with his muscles tensed and hard. My heart! Oh, my heart! 

(the consolation in this scene: this scenario might not have happened in the drama per se, but BTS-wise, Chang Wook DID hugged Se Yeon. Haha… My ship can sail off-screen, I won’t totally mind.)

ff 839 ff 840 ff 841 ff 842 ff 843 ff 844 ff 845

(photo credit to dangermousie)