PART 5 Couple frustration 1: YeonWook couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

5th installment of my YeonWook couple. Oh, well, don’t look so surprised! 😀

These are my own edits. I screen capped these photos from crossover videos on youtube made by The Volterra13. She’s got tons of crossoever vids that feature Jin Se Yeon (and her other main and second male leads). If you watch her vids, you’ll love it.

>>  I had this imaginary scene in my head where Chang Wook plays a rich, charismatic man who fell in love with a beautiful woman, Jin Se Yeon. And because of complications, he was forced to let her go. OMGosh, the angst! Please make this couple happen. It’s long over due.

ff 02

ff 03

>> Another edited photo of mine from their drama “Five Fingers.” Yeah, this was supposed to be a meme, but it was all I noticed.

ff 2

More memes that I created:

ff 01

ff 02


Couple frustration 2: JaeSe couple (Kim Jae Wook and Jin Se Yeon)

I first learned about the existence of this man, Kim Jae Wook, when he was cast in the drama “Inspiring Generation/Age of feeling.”

In the origal script, he was supposed to be in a love line with Jin Se Yeon’s Ok Ryeon in the drama. In fact, he was her first love, not Kim Hyun Jung’s character Shin Jung Tae. But that potentially hit and rich love line was destroyed when Jae Wook dropped out of the drama after they had a change of script writer.

Just knowing that there’ll be a new writer was already a bit of a red flag that the drama might go downhill, and it did! What’s more, they reduced Jin Se Yeon’s character, who was supposed to be as bad-ass as Gaya in terms of physical capabilities, into a woman head over heels in love with the main lead, which was frustrating most of the time. She became that lovesick puppy that was always just in the background taking care of the male lead when he gets beaten to a pulp (because surprisingly the male lead thinks he’s superman out to save the human race, or at least that’s how the writer has written him off). But I’m not saying Ok Ryeon isn’t a bad-ass. She was tough in her own ways.

Anyway, I have seen the compatibility of Jin Se Yeon and Kim Jae Wook, physically and emotionally. They had a palpable chemistry that when I heard Jae Wook dropping I felt a great loss as if I wanted to mourn his departure and their wasted love story. I felt devastated, to be exact.

Not wanting their “almost” love story be forgotten, I resorted to editing. And fan fictions. Yeah, I know. It sucks, right? Nothing is more heartbreaking than a potentially great love story being destroyed by a nut job of a director/script writer.

So, here, lemme share with you some of their short but unforgettable moments from the drama:

Part 1:

From the press conference: Jae Wook and Se Yeon looking great together. He was older but she looks mature, and honestly I prefer them together, even though this was the first time I’ve seen Jae Wook.

age 191

 age 172

Part 2:

BTS from the drama. Just looking at their old photos makes me nostalgic. Gosh, how I hoped they could have been together!

age 603 age 604 age 616 age 617 age 618

age 666

age 669 age 670 age 671 age 672 age 673

age 718

age 747

age 1084

Part 3:

Official drama stills. Gorgeous, these two. 🙂

age 142 age 143

age 151 age 175

age 152

 age 556 age 557 age 624

age 676

age 678

age 681 age 682 age 683 age 685 age 873

Part 4:

Preview and other still photos. 😀

age 639 age 650

age 717

age 719 age 722 age 735 age 855 age 856 age 857

Part 5:

Fan arts for them! I tried so hard to find everything, but these are all we have.

age 9

age 10

age 1142 age 1141

Part 6:

They have very limited screen time together, of course, mainly due to the fact that Jae Wook left earlier than expected, so here, I’ll include their sequential photos that I snagged from all sorts of sources (e.g. dramabeans, drama recaps bloggers, etc.)

age 699 age 700 age 701

age 974 age 975 age 976 age 978 age 979

age 1009 age 1010 age 1011 age 1012 age 1013

age 1028 age 1029 age 1030

age 1040 age 1041

Part 7:

Screen capping! I think I have screen capped almost all scenes that they were in.

This first screen capped set, I particularly liked this because this is where Ok Ryeon first looked at Soo Ok as a person, and as a friend. She saw his pain and loneliness, which he surprisingly but delightfully revealed (because of course, even if he was the cocky, playful type, in front of her he felt at ease and was willing to reveal part of himself no one else knew about). To ease his pain, Ok Ryeon took a bowl and challenged Soo Ok on an eating contest. They will lock their foreheads together and will eat from the bowl. The one who pulls away first loses. I just loved the way Soo Ok stared at Ok Ryeon. He looked as though he was put under spell, and that faint smile at the corner of his lips was just swoon-worthy! And Ok Ryeon, I can almost tell she was getting hooked as well, LOL. When they locked foreheads, I was already screaming. They look so adorable, so well-matched. I wouldn’t mind locking foreheads with such a handsome, well-muscled guy. 😀 And that was the beginning of their “love story.” Which was sadly destroyed by the writer. SUCKS.

age 611

age 612 AGE 613

This is Soo Ok doing the moves on the lady. And my golly, he was so cute! He was being cheeky but Ok Ryeon was all the snobbish “taken” girl. Ahhh…….. My heart flutters for these two.

age 634 age 636 age 637

age 850

This was the most hilarious and delightful part. Soo Ok was just outside Ok Ryeon’s gate, and he looked over the low wall, signaling to Ok Ryeon to come out. His facial expressions were just priceless! He was like a teenage boy gushing at his crush. Oh, well, she was indeed his crush.

age 852 age 853 age 854

age 1081 age 1082 age 1083

Part 8: 

Because I’m such a fan of them, I decided to make my own edits. Not great, but who cares? LOL.

age 1104

age 1105

BeFunky_age 1111.jpg

Ok-Ok couple 2

Thanks! But wait, there’s more!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo for a Chinese-Korean web drama

This is so exciting!

After months and months of waiting for a drama news, Se Yeon will finally be appearing on screen again, opposite another hot and popular male lead which is Jung Il Woo. Drama title would be “Clueless – High class unrequited love.”

It’s true I once pictured them as an OTP together, but thinking it was impossible to happen, I decided to forget the idea. But who would have thought that it will happen?

Check out the news!



Basically, Jin Se Yeon will play the innocent country girl, and Jung Il Woo would be the rich guy that owns a company. They will meet, hate each other at first but will eventually fall in love with one another. This is so my cup of tea! It’s going to be a 20-episode drama, 15 minutes each episode (source:


(Note: photo featured my own edit. Not official.)

PART 3 Couple frustration 1: YeonWook couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

Part 7:

Knowing he can never have Da Mi, and that she would never return his love, In Ha resorted to being her “prime stalker.” And again, angsty scenes from In Ha; so delicious! LOL. I love the way he stares longingly at her; looked as though he might breakdown any minute. Poor In Ha. Chang Wook just nailed this lovesick character of his. 

ff 070 ff 071 ff 072 ff 073 ff 084 ff 085 ff 086

Part 8:

In Ha stopping Da Mi from leaving by holding her back by the arm…. So unromantic but whenever I see them together, despite knowing how much of a weasel In Ha was and how much Da Mi was weary of him, I can’t stop shipping them. Because despite their characters, all I can see was “Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook.”

ff 091 ff 092 ff 094 ff 095

Part 9:

In Ha was excited to play the piano on a concert he shares with Ji Ho, mainly because he knew Da Mi would be in the audience. This poor guy.

ff 606 ff 607

Part 10:

After finding out that Ji Hoo’s family had been the perpetrator for her father’s death in the past, Da Mi left after confronting Ji Hoo. She was in tears. Worried for her, In Ha followed her up to the bus. And he was sad for her, OMGosh! He wanted so bad to comfort her but couldn’t. I was like “aawww………….”

ff 0110 ff 0111 ff 0112 ff 0215

Part 11:

In Ha knocking on the glass of the restaurant to get Da Mi’s attention; in this part he wasn’t yet the “psychotic In Ha.” And he was so cute, like a teenage boy, looking giddy with his crush. At this point I desperately wanted them to end up together, wishing In Ha didn’t turn up evil. *sigh*

ff 0131 ff 0132 ff 0133

Part 12:

What did I tell you about longing? Yeah, this is it. He just loves her so much. She’s all he’s thinking about.

ff 0139 ff 0140 ff 0141

Part 13:

I honestly wished this was a romantic date. But, oh, well…. As long as I can see them on screen together. 😉

ff 0135 ff 0136 ff 0137

Part 14:

Ok. In this scene, I am well aware that In Ha forcing Da Mi for a kiss is equals to “sexual harassment,” but all I can really think of was ” wow! If only they were the OTP on another drama, a kissing scene between these two would definitely be an explosive one! And look at In Ha’s body! His muscles tensed like that, with so much desperation and angst and pent-up emotions, wow! Just wow!”

ff 0160

ff 046

ff 200

ff 064

 ff 0327 ff 0328ff 065

PART 2 Couple Frustration 1: YeonWook Couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

Part 4:

In between takes, these two would goof around with each other or with the cameraman. My shipper heart just dropped dead from all the giddiness; so full of rainbows, guys. My favorite part would be when Se Yeon jokingly jabbed Chang Wook’s stomach. Oh, they’re just so comfortable with each other. 😉

ff 938 ff 941 ff 942 ff 943 ff 944 ff 945

Of course, we have their on-screen scenes from the drama. Not in particular order. Here goes:

Part 1:

This would be their first meeting; Jin Se Yeon’s character, Hong Da Mi, played the piano piece that actually belonged to Joo Ji Hoon’s character, Ji Hoo. She got it by accident. Her belongings got swapped with Ji Hoo’s when their bikes collided some days before. At the first photo set, In Ha looked up when he heard Da Mi playing, mainly because he knew that piece and that he also knew it belongs to his brother. And then he spotted Da Mi herself, and he was struck with her. The second photo set, he defended her when that restaurant owner accused her of lying about her school credentials, stating she had no right to be playing the piano because she’s uneducated. In Ha rescued her and “verified” her academic background, saying she indeed went to a prestigious university. It was a lie, of course, but the way he defended her just foretold how far he was willing to go just to protect her interest. Ji Chang Wook and Jin Se Yeon were just oozing with so much chemistry on this episode that even though the whole situation wasn’t at all romantic, I couldn’t actually help but wished she’d rather end up with him. 😀

ff 54

ff 90

Part 2:

The way he looks at her…. OMGosh!

ff 187

ff 188

Part 3:

In Ha, Chang Wook’s character, was the happiest when he’s with Da Mi. Off-screen, I can say the same thing. 🙂

ff 078 ff 079 ff 080 ff 081 ff 082 ff 083

ff 249

Part 4:

Even though In Ha was claustrophobic, he still went with Da Min on Ferris wheel (or was it Ferris wheel? I forgot, sorry) ride. While they were there, his phobia attacked and he ended up sprawled on the floor, catching his precious breath. He wanted to be with her so much he ignored his own fears. Not to mention the exchange of smiles between these two just almost knocked me unconscious.

ff 666 ff 667 ff 668 ff 669 ff 670

Part 5:

Ok, fine, In Ha’s a stalker. But despite his clingy attitude, I couldn’t help but pity him. Specially when he came to her aid once again as Da Mi slipped on the steel ladder and almost fell.

ff 800 ff 801 ff 802

Part 6:

This! This is my ultimate favorite scene. Although it only happened in In Ha’s mind while he was drunk, it was just so epic. Nothing gets me more than a handsome man in some angsty moment, and Chang Wook looked so handsome despite looking disheveled. And then when he turned around, and saw Da Mi, who was actually not Da Mi, that look of desperation and longing in his eyes just killed me. I squealed like an idiot when he walked towards her and then imprisoned her in his arms. I thought she was small but she looked as though she was made to be there, in his strong arms, with his muscles tensed and hard. My heart! Oh, my heart! 

(the consolation in this scene: this scenario might not have happened in the drama per se, but BTS-wise, Chang Wook DID hugged Se Yeon. Haha… My ship can sail off-screen, I won’t totally mind.)

ff 839 ff 840 ff 841 ff 842 ff 843 ff 844 ff 845

(photo credit to dangermousie)

Jin Se Yeon CHIBI (fan arts and animated versions)

I have always envied other Korean celebrities for having dedicated fans that create a lot of animated version of them on the internet. At one point I even became frustrated with myself for not having such talent, because I really wanted to make lots of animated version of Jin Se Yeon.

But, oh, sweet heavens! I am so happy to discover lots of fan arts for Se Yeon.

Here, some beautiful works of art by some fans of Se Yeon on instagram:

1. From titi.go

JSY 2332

JSY 2333

JSY 2335

2. From youai120

JSY 2331

3. From shirley_seyun.go

JSY 2334

If any of you guys would like to make more, you’re very much welcome. And thanks in advance! 🙂

Couple frustration 1: YeonWook Couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

I had been in the habit of “shipping” certain characters in the drama that others might perceive well inappropriate or mismatched, mainly because one of the characters would be a bit psycho, unstable or just plain mean.

Since Jin Se Yeon is my favorite Korean actress, I feel so privileged on her behalf that she had gotten the opportunity to work with Tinseltown’s hottest young actors, both of her generation and the generation before her.

Although I shipped her with all her lead co-stars, I couldn’t stop shipping her as well with the dramas’ second male leads.

One of that second male leads would be “Ji Chang Wook.”

Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook worked together in the drama “Five Fingers,” along with their other amazing co-stars Chae Si Ra and Joo Ji Hoon, the latter being the male lead.

Sure, I liked Se Yeon and Ji Hoon as the main couple, but my eyes would also look over at Ji Chang Wook and tell myself, “my, he looks good with Se Yeon, too.”

In fact, if you watch the BTS of the drama, you would find Chang Wook closer to Se Yeon than to Ji Hoon. And they love to laugh together, too, so there goes my shipper heart. 😀

Also, Se Yeon and Chang Wook had that sizzling chemistry about them that’s inexplicable. A lot of Five Fingers fans noticed as well, and couldn’t also resist shipping them. Right now, Ji Chang Wook has been included in my list of guys that I want to be reunited with Jin Se Yeon.

As a tribute to them, I made a lot of edited photos of them together. They’re kinda sloppy as I’m not expert editor, and I don’t have the proper photoshop tools in my laptop right now (memory can’t support photoshop, so yeah) but I tried my best.A few videos on youtube also supported them, so I screen capped those videos. Like. mad. LOL.

Here they are:

BeFunky_BeFunky_ff 1236.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1214.jpg BeFunky_ff 1216.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1219.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1221.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1225.jpg BeFunky_ff 1228.jpg BeFunky_ff 1233.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1243.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1246.jpg


ff 400

ff 405

ff 1206

My screen caps of them, from BTS videos of Five Fingers available in youtube:

Part 1:

I loved it when Se Yeon and Chang Wook both pouted. They looked so adorkable! And very couple-like, LOL. And then Chang Wook just suddenly started hopping towards Se Yeon as he narrates something. It was so cute! They are both so adorable. And here I am grinning like an idiot. Chang Wook loves to play around with her, I tell you. 😉

ff 03 ff 04 ff 05 ff 06 ff 07 ff 08 ff 09 ff 010 ff 011 ff 012 ff 013 ff 014 ff 015 ff 016 ff 017 ff 018 ff 019 ff 020 ff 021 ff 022 ff 023

Part 2:

I loved how, in this part, Chang Wook gently placed a hand on Se Yeon’s arm and pushed her out of the way when one of the drama crews put in a steel ladder on set to fix something on the ceiling. He was aware of the surrounding and was attentive enough to push her to safety, and then afterwards he looked at her like he adored her. Or maybe that was just me imagining things, but I don’t care. 😀

ff 0246 ff 0247 ff 0248 ff 0249 ff 0250 ff 0251 ff 0252 ff 0253 ff 0254 ff 0255 ff 0256 ff 0257

Part 3:

Before they started their outdoor shoot, that scene where it was raining and Se Yeon was holding a pink umbrella, running towards the entrance of a restaurant, this is what these two had been doing. Together. Oh. my. gosh. My shipper heart’s dancing. And the way Chang Wook was looking at her – sexual chemistry right off the bat!

ff 931 ff 932 ff 933 ff 934 ff 935 ff 936 ff 937

ff 940 ff 939


The Basic House official photos (ft. Jin Se Yeon)

The Basic House is a fashion business that started in Korea and branched out in China, and from there expanded all throughout the globe. It became an international fashion industry that uses cost-effective materials.

One of their celebrity models is Jin Se Yeon, a rising South Korean actress. The fact that she’s my favorite is like a bonus to me, so I’m not complaining. 😀

Below, from Jin Se Yeon’s official Baidu bar, are the official photos that were released.

JSY 2293

jsy 2294 jsy 2295 JSY 2296 JSY 2297

JSY 2298  JSY 2300

JSY 2299 JSY 2302

JSY 2307

And my personal favorite:

JSY 2301