Bridal Mask: Reliving the KangDan mania (Kang To and Mok Dan – AKA Joo Won and Jin Se Yeon)

In total today, I have 8, 367 photos of Bridal Mask on my USB device, not including the GIFs, and most of them are all about Jin Se Yeon and the KangDan couple. Now that tells you something, huh?

Three years ago, people have greatly loved the KangDan couple, which was probably the most messed up OTP of the 2012, because of the things that had happened between Kang To and Mok Dan in the drama, including the people around them.

Off cam, I have always shipped Jin Se Yeon and Joo Won so hard that even after 3 years, I still ship them, and I want nothing more than a reunion for these two.

Their love story in Bridal Mask ended tragically and right now, I still feel sore about it. I have never really let them go. They were like a real, vivid part of me that was impossible to forget or ignore.

I was checking out their photos on my USB again today, ’cause I’ve got nothing else to do, and just seeing them made me feel nostalgic. I suddenly missed them so much. Good thing is that while Bridal Mask was still airing in 2012, a ton of KangDan edited photos were made as a tribute to them. And of course, I saved them all. 🙂

Here, let me share a few thoughts I have about the characters, Kang To and Mok Dan.

>> Joo Won as Lee Kang To (AKA Young Master Lee Young, Sato Hirsohi, Bridal Mask [Gasksital]):

bm 3173

(1.) Joo Won didn’t just play Kang To and Bridal Mask; he had played a character in the drama that was not just layered but phenomenal as well. He made the character of Bridal Mask unforgettable, epic, hateful, lovable and relatable all at once. He was a superb actor that was able to bring Kang To to life. Honestly, I can’t picture anyone else playing Kang To, because Joo Won strongly owned Kang To.

(2. )Kang To, in the first episodes, was a hateful but pitiful character. It’s true he had done so many horrible things and had betrayed his home country by becoming a police for the Imperial of Japan, torturing his countrymen at will, but you can’t fully hate him because it was showed that Kang To only did all those things to provide for his family, specially for his older brother, whom he thought was sick in the head badly in need of medical care. Of course, that didn’t excuse his savagery but you can still see glimpses of his aching, good side.

(3.) I actually loved the fact that he was the one who unintentionally killed his own older brother and who tortured Mok Dan and then discovered afterwards that she was actually his first love, not because I’m a sadist but because his growth as a person resulting to that grave mistakes was very interesting to watch. The way he fought with his inner demons and finally being able to stand for what is right just stuck with me like nails on the wall.

>> Jin Se Yeon as Oh Mok Dan (AKA Boon Yi, Esther)

bm 3166

(1.) Jin Se Yeon was a relatively new actress, although she had already been the female lead of the drama “My daughter, Flower” from SBS, and she was not the greatest actress around, but she gave Mok Dan justice by delivering just the right emotions. Others didn’t like her, but I loved her, personally because her character was a lively woman of strong principles and beliefs. Se Yeon was able to endear Mok Dan so much to me that because of Bridal Mask, she had become my sole favorite Korean celebrity to date.

(2.) Mok Dan was a strong-willed woman, unbending and relentless. Like Kang To, she’s ready to fight for what she believes in. She could be impulsive and reckless, but she’s quick witted. What I love most about her is that whatever she says, she means it. She has suffered so much physical and emotional pain, but I love the fact that she still managed to view the good in her situations. Maybe that’s why people found her character “boring,” because she seemed one-dimensional when in fact, she was multi-faceted. I can say that she knows how to handle her pain well, and let herself be an encouragement to others despite having her own share of troubles.

(3.) As a woman, I adored Mok Dan’s wardrobe. In terms of fashion, we were alike a lot. I often search the web for her compilation of costumes, but found only few. *sigh* 😀

♥ This is all for now. But rest assured, this isn’t the last of my KangDan posts. :)) ♥


Newest Basic House photos (ft. Jin Se Yeon)

Jin Se Yeon has always been very interesting to watch whenever she pulls off her modeling stints, mainly because as she does, she effectively gets into character and she transforms into someone else right before your eyes.

For this season, Jin Se Yeon has yet again transformed into another woman full of mystery and confidence. I like her newest photos from Basic House, and as one of my friends in Jin Se Yeon’s official Soompi thread has said, she indeed looked like someone who had just stepped out from the pages of an Anime.

JSY 2444

JSY 2445

JSY 2446

JSY 2447

JSY 2448

jsy 2449

High class unrequited love_Script reading (Jin Se Yeon, Jung Il Woo, Jin Bora, and Cast)

Finally! We have two photos of the script reading event for this web drama, “High class unrequited love.”

I’m hoping to see more in the future. 🙂

h 28

h 27

And a fan cam of the YeonWoo couple filming <3<3<3

He looks like a Prince offering his hand to a beautiful fallen maiden. XD:

h 26

The newest love team: YeonWoo couple (Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo)

A lot of fan arts have already been made to give tribute to this upcoming tandem, the coupling of Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo in the anticipated web drama “High class unrequited love” (which is also known as “The greatest one-sided love anyone has ever seen).

Others have been skeptical about this pairing, and some more didn’t even bat an eyelid when they heard the news. But I, for one, am happy and excited for their team-up. Since I love to ship Se Yeon with anyone, specially with today’s hottest male leads, this news of course came like a gift on Christmas morning.

I got them from one of Jin Se Yeon’s facebook fan pages. I would love to add some more but I didn’t have the talents or the proper tools in photoshopping photos. Anyway, aren’t I glad to have found these precious edited ones:

h 1

h 3

h 7

h 8

h 9

High class unrequited love (Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon with Sistar’s Bora)

I am so pumped up for this upcoming web drama!

Aside from seeing Se Yeon again on screen, I’m also very excited to see her with Jung Il Woo. A handsome man and a beautiful woman, and that’s totally an eye-candy to boot! Plus throwing in the mix is Bora, whom I loved since I’ve discovered her on Maboy’s music video. 

The story line might be a classic, old one in the Korean dramaland, but this genre is Se Yeon’s first, so I’m totally digging it. I read about a lot of haters bashing this web drama even if it hadn’t even started, which is ridiculously funny.

I mean, if you hate Se Yeon so much, then stay away! Duh! Common sense is sure rare among haters, huh?

Anyway, as an update, here they are.

1. Script reading has already started on July 15. Sadly, we don’t have photos of that yet, only of Jung Il Woo studying his script alone.

2. Filming’s supposed to start late June. Yey! We already have BTS photos of Jung Il Woo from the filming location. I’m still patiently waiting for Se Yeon and Bora’s:

h 23

h 24

3. Jung Il Woo as Choi Se Hun, Jin Se Yeon as Yoo Yi Ryung. Bora will play the celebrity who will be the bridge between the two. Of course, as the story goes, Jung Il Woo’s character would be the usual arrogant, spoiled brat rich CEO who met Jin Se Yeon’s character, a lovely but innocent country girl. 🙂

4. Jung Il Woo has been doing great promoting the web drama on his IG account. Tons of photos, and here, I’m sharing them with you. I got it from

h 12

h 13

h 16

h 18

h 19

h 20

h 22

h 21

h 24

Right now, I’m still waiting for the other BTS and official photos, specially of the ladies’. Looks like my September’s booked now. 😀

Couple frustration 3: YeonYoon couple (Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Hyun Min)

For my 3rd frustration when it comes to K-drama coupling, I present you one of my strangest pairings! Yes, you heard that right. And I call this pairing the “YeonYoon” couple, derived, of course, from the names of Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Hyun Min.

If you’re asking me (while raising your eyebrow at that) where on earth did I pick up the slightest idea of pairing up these two, let me enlighten you: I got the idea after watching the – wait for it – Inspiring generation! Yes, the same drama where my 2nd couple frustration, the JaeSe couple, was born out of. Don’t be surprised. Because to tell you honestly, I ship a lot of the guys in Inspiring generation with Jin Se Yeon (you’ll get the drift after I’ve finished all my “couple frustration posts” from this same drama, don’t worry). 🙂

I call them a strange couple because, well, aside from the fact that they are far from that: a couple, no one would ship them if you’ve watched the whole drama. Hyun Min’s character, Aoki, was the Japanese soldier who killed the mother of Se Yeon’s character, Ok Ryeon. Also, Aoki was rather in love with Im Soo Hyang’ character, Gaya. There was no hint of romantic pining from either side whatsoever.

So, you see, just with that story line above and you’ll get the idea why this couple is indeed strange, made stranger by the fact that this was exactly the reason why I ship them. Now you know why I call them a “frustration.” 😀

Of course, just like what usually happens, I only knew about Yoon Hyun Min because of Se Yeon. And I would very much like it if they could reunite in another drama as an OTP. I know it sounds impossible, but hey! One can dream big, right? XD Here, enough with the chat and let’s get on with the photos! They didn’t much have interaction in Inspiring generation (because obviously Aoki was busy being the bad ass villain while Ok Ryeon was mostly kept by Jung Tae’s side, thanks to the script writer or director), but I’ll make do of what I’ve got.

Part 1:

Let’s start with their official photos.

And boy, they both can sing! How cool is that, yes?

age 185

age 657 age 685

Part 2:

Too bad this is the only fan art they’ve got. Arrgghhh!!!


I don’t know about you, but this short confrontation scene between Aoki and Ok Ryeon just hit me differently from everybody else. I just saw past the characters and saw Hyun Min and Se Yeon instead. With this so much emotions, hatred and anger they may be, just made these two sizzle before my very eyes. I kind of squealed like a retarded seal when Se Yeon – I mean, Ok Ryeon – grabbed Aoki’s collar. And the stare down, OMGosh!!! I just can’t, people! I mean, I had the fantasy of Aoki grabbing Ok Ryeon – or rather Hyun Min grabbing Se Yeon in his arms, imprisoning her so tightly and kissing her passionately. Their very close proximity in this scene just made me want to fantasize. I just can’t stop thinking how wide Hyun Min’s shoulders were, and I’m betting it’d be so nice to lay your head on his chest. Se Yeon looked so fragile and dainty against him. Oh, boy! This is intense!!!!

age 889

age 890 age 891

Part 3:

Still photos

:age 340

age 342

age 343 age 344


Part 4:

My own edited photos! Gah, this is all I can do. Better than nothing, though.

age 1102


BeFunky_age 1046.jpg

age 1065

Part 5:

Even though they didn’t have much scenes together, thankfully we have talented video editors on youtube. Particularly TheVolterra13 from whose video I screen capped these beautiful photos. It’s one of her crossover video creations. She made my “impossible” ship possible, and for that I thank her. Hugely thank her! If you watch this crossover vid, you’ll get that “oh-wow-I-wish-they-were-indeed-a-couple” vibe. In particular, these photos tell an entirely and purely imaginative story between Aoki and Ok Ryeon. If I didn’t know about the drama, I would think this was the real story.

crossover 82 crossover 83 crossover 84 crossover 86 crossover 87 crossover 88 crossover 89 crossover 90 crossover 91 crossover 92

This would be my favorite photo: Se Yeon and Hyun Min smiling at each other, with Se Yeon holding a bouquet of flowers, evidently touched, and Hyun Min staring at her adoringly…..Ah, my shipper heart is just flying around my chest. If only they can be a real OTP. *deep sigh*

crossover 93

(if you’re curious to watch the crossover video, here’s the link:

Jin Se Yeon for Ceci July 2015 issue (with Ms. Kim Chung Kyung)_Inclusive of BTS photos

Despite not having any regular TV drama at the moment, Jin Se Yeon is still busy with photo shoots.

This month of July year 2015, she was featured in Ceci magazine sporting a yellow dress and “bold lipstick, thin cat-eye and some nicely shaded browns” (as described in with a tousled hair ‘do to match. Apparently, she was in the “make-up or beauty” section of the magazine.

JSY 2344

JSY 2345

In this article, she also shared some of her her beauty and make up tips/suggestions.

Here are her tips:

1〉 MAC The Matte Lipstick, #All Fired Up ($16.00)
Rich, saturated color with a one-of-a-kind matte finish. A MAC cult favorite formula.

2〉 Liz K Color Veil UV Protection SPF 50, #015 Bright Beige ($36.00)
Achieving UV protection (SPF 50+, PA+++) with a foundation effect that evens your skin complexion.

3〉 Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Pur Couture – Vernis a Levres’ Glossy Stain, #9 Rouge Laque ($36.00)
Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain gives you a gloss, stain and lipstick all-in-one so you can have it all. Its lightweight texture immediately melts onto your lips, delivering intense glossy color and extremely long-lasting shine.

4〉 Liz K Ultra Waterfall Cream ($45.00)
Provides: Whitening, skin elasticity, powerful moisture, brightness and contains minerals.

5〉 Liz K’s First Pure Vitamin C 11% Total Care Serum ($71.00)
Contains 11% concentrations of pure vitamin, that gives glowing and clear skin. Improves skin health with 10 kinds of precious ingredients that enhance the skin immunity.

6〉 Dior Addict Lip Glow, #001 Pink ($33.00)
Dior Addict Lip Maximizer: the essential beauty secret for lips! XXL, fleshy and sensual lips without any injection.

7〉 Kiehl’s Since 1851 Lip Balm #1 ($7.00)
Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is a balm that protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. It’s formulated with soothing emollients, including squalanea, lanolin and wheat germ oil in addition to vitamin E.

8〉 Liz K Serum Spray 3-in-1 ($47.00)
A toner, lotion and enriching essence in one.

JSY 2361


>> For the behind the scenes of the photo shoot, we have one of Korea’s renowned make-up artists, Kim Chung Kyung, doing the make-up for Jin Se Yeon. Chung Kyung has worked with several top cosmetics brands and celebrities. She has also launched her own brand in 2011, the “Liz K 3-in-1 base make-up.”

Below, the BTS. (Source of these photos:

JSY 2347 JSY 2348 JSY 2349

JSY 2350

JSY 2351 JSY 2352 JSY 2353 JSY 2354 JSY 2355 JSY 2356 JSY 2357 JSY 2358 JSY 2359 JSY 2360

Coffee akin to love (A poem)

“I hate how coffee turns into an addiction,

and how it keeps you up all night.

How it burns and make your heart beat fast.

Specially how it makes you crave for its rich and sweet promises of grains, milk and sugar.

Moments later, it puts you into a melancholic mood of coldness.

Before you realize it, it has consumed you before you should have consumed it.




Then again, you crave for another cup.

Just like love.”

I am dedicating this to all coffee and poem lovers out there. Tata for now!