Inner Storm (The Flower in Prison FanFic)


FanFic: Inner storm

A few hours before midnight, Ok Nyeo was surprised when Jae Seo showed up at Jeonokseo and told her that her presence had been requested by the King. When she asked why, the Royal bodyguard told her she could ask the king himself about it, for him, too, didn’t know why she had been summoned.

Intrigued, Ok Nyeo went with him into the palace. She was wondering what the King could possibly want with her at that late hour. It must be an urgent matter, considering he had even asked his personal bodyguard to fetch her. Jae Seo told her that as a precaution, she had to cover her head with a janggot, and Ok Nyeo obliged.

A moment later, Jae Seo and Ok Nyeo were entering the back gate of the Palace.  Jae Seo showed his identification to the Palace Guard standing outside. When the guard saw it, he immediately bowed his head in greeting and let them enter; throwing a curious glance at the woman whose face was covered that went in with Jae Seo. But he didn’t say anything.

Ok Nyeo was puzzled when instead of taking the usual route to the King’s office, Jae Seo led her to a different path she was unfamiliar with. Hurrying her steps to catch up to Jae Seo, she asked,

“Sir, where are we going?”

Jae Seo looked back over his shoulder but did not stop walking. “To His Majesty’s private chambers,” he said.

“Oh.” Ok Nyeo said, unable to hide her surprise. “Why there? Did something happen to him?”

They were already in front of the King’s chamber when Jae Seo turned to her and answered, “We’re here. Why don’t you just ask His Majesty yourself?”

Ok Nyeo donned a half-smile. “Oh, yes. Yes, I shall do that. Thank you.”

Usually, a visitor’s presence would be announced by the ladies-in-waiting, but the servants remained where they were standing with their heads bowed. It was Jae Seo himself who walked up to the door and knocked three times, indicating that that meeting was to be a secret affair. In any case, the door was opened, and it was the King himself who showed Ok Nyeo in.

As she entered, she removed the janggot on her head and folded it in her arms.

Ok Nyeo was yet again puzzled to see the room in dim light, and Ok Nyeo strained her eyes trying to peer into the King’s face. She noticed the King was even wearing his white sleeping robes.

She waited for the door to be closed before she said, “Sire, what happened to you?”

The King looked at her, confused. “What do you mean?”

“You look as though you have been confined here all day. Are you not feeling well?”

The king gestured with his hand. “Unfortunately, you are correct.”

Ok Nyeo was worried. “Oh, my, I hope it isn’t serious.”

The King was quick to assure her. “Oh, no, I’m quite alright. I was sick, but I’m fine now. I just decided to stay here and pretend ill for the benefit of my mother.”

“Is that related to why you summoned me here instead of to your office?”

“I’m afraid that’s true. Aside from that, I wanted to show you some documents that my men have gathered through private investigation. They’re supposed to give us some leverage against Nan Jung, and they’re much too confidential that I wasn’t comfortable having a servant deliver them to you. I figured it would be better to show them to you myself.” The king explained, although deep inside the King knew it wasn’t the only reason he opted to meet with Ok Nyeo personally that night.

It had been almost two weeks since he last saw her, and he was quite eager to see her again.

Ok Nyeo nodded, her silhouette perfectly formed against the dim light of the room. The King wanted to come closer and touch Ok Nyeo’s arm, but he restrained himself. Clearing his throat, he said, “let me show you the document.”

“Yes, sire.”

He led her toward the inner side of his room, where the King’s sleeping mattress was laid; its thick, silk comforter crumpled and had been shoved aside. A small writing desk was beside the mattress with a single candle burning on top of it, along with a few scrolls piled neatly on top. Ok Nyeo figured they were the documents the King was talking about.

The King came around the little desk and sat on his mattress. Ok Nyeo sat in front of him, placing her janggot beside her.

He took a scroll and untied its strings, and then he spread it on the desk before her.

“This is what I mean, Ok Nyeo-yah. This letter, I believe, is the very thing we need.”

Because it was dim and the only light in the room was coming from the single candle, both Ok Nyeo and the King leaned closer to the desk to take a better look at the letter. It was an old letter, with the edges of the paper already peeling away.

The King turned the letter around to make it easier to read for Ok Nyeo. As Ok Nyeo read the letter – word by word- her eyes began to get wide. The letter she was reading was full of lurid details about a certain task that Nan Jung has specified herself, addressed to a certain man. Ok Nyeo thinks it was a letter addressed to an assassin, as the directives included permanently eliminating the Ming envoy and an influential Lord of the greater Yoon faction. Ok Nyeo was quite amazed at the lengths Nan Jung was willing to go to just to satisfy her need and secure her high position.

As Ok Nyeo continued to read, King Myeongjong looked up intending to ask Ok Nyeo about the letter, when he felt himself freeze as he found himself very near her. They were so close their foreheads almost touching.

Ok Nyeo’s face was only inches away from him, and the soft, yellow light of the candle gave her skin a kind of golden shimmer that he found extremely attractive. Swallowing hard, the King studied Ok Nyeo’s features: her almond-shaped eyes framed with long lashes that were curved so beautifully, her small but elegant nose, her lips – which were moist and full and red… The King swallowed again, mesmerized, wondering why the mere presence of Ok Nyeo and the knowledge that she was so near him made his heart race.

A moment later, Ok Nye looked up to him. The king was startled and he quickly looked away, leaning back and straightening his posture. He felt like a child caught in the middle of doing something mischievous.

“Sire,” Ok Nyeo said. She didn’t notice the flushed look on his face. “How did you acquire this letter?”

“I have…” The King couldn’t think of an answer. He was still distracted by Ok Nyeo’s presence. “Well, I… I have my ways, that’s how.”

“Sire?” Ok Nyeo was puzzled. Ok Nyeo noticed how he seemed to look distracted. “Are you certain you’re alright now? You must still be sick.”

To his surprise, Ok Nyeo reached out a hand and placed it against his forehead, feeling for his temperature to determine if he has fever.

The sudden sensation of Ok Nyeo’s soft touch against his skin made the King sat upright, rigidly so. Something went down his spine – and it was tingly. But it wasn’t unpleasant; he was only surprised.

“You seem fine to me.” Ok Nyeo watched him closely. King Myeongjong’s eyes were wide, but he tried keeping a straight face.

He cleared his throat. “I – I am fine, Ok Nyeo-yah.”

“Are you certain, Sire? Maybe I should leave now and let you rest. I’ll just come back when-“

“No, no, no!” To his shock, the King found himself in a panic. “How could you leave when you’ve just gotten here? Let’s discuss the letter. What would you like to know?”

Ok Nyeo was silent for a moment. She stared at him and tried to see if he was being sincere. King Myeongjong decided to pay closer attention, lest Ok Nyeo suspect something. He wasn’t very keen on making her leave. He had to focus on the matter at hand. It was difficult, he had to admit. But the one thing he wasn’t prepared to face was why he was feeling that way.

As Ok Nyeo continued to look at him, King Myeongjong tried to look formal.

“Well?” He prompted.

Ok Nyeo finally answered, much to the King’s relief. “Your Majesty, how did you manage to get your hands on this letter?”

“I had some of my trusted men spy on one of Nan Jung’s estates. One night, my guards spotted a messenger enter the house. When he came out again, he was carrying a letter. My spies believed he was also a spy, and a traitor, for he was Chinese. Few Chinese ever come to Joseon, and if they do, it’s usually for a business matter. My men apprehended him and took the letter, which turned out to be this.”

Ok Nyeo was looking surprised. “You were spying on Nan Jung, Your Majesty?”

“Lord Lee suggested it.”

“And it worked wonders, sire!” Ok Nyeo exclaimed. “You did a fine job.”

The King couldn’t suppress a smile, feeling elated at Ok Nyeo’s praise. “Thank you. I had to do a good job if I wanted to reach even half of your level.”

“Oh, sire. Well, what about the Chinese spy? Where is he now?”

“They let him go.”

Ok Nyeo was shocked. “They let him go?” She repeated incredulously. “But why?”

The King took a deep breath. “When they abducted him, they took him to a secluded place. And then they beat him until he was unconscious. While he was out of it, they took the letter and made a copy, replacing the original. And then they took all his other personal belongings to make it look like a robbery with assault.”

Ok Nyeo listened with amazement. She couldn’t believe the King would be capable in doing something as dangerous as that. He did promise her he’d make a move, but she knew him to be such a gentle man that violence and schemes seemed absolutely out of his character.

“I assume you have your men follow the Chinese spy.”

The King nodded his head. “He will lead us to the answers we are seeking.”

Ok Nyeo slowly nodded her head. So that was how Nan Jung was able to know so much of the Ming envoy’s itinerary. She had expected there would be a traitor, but she didn’t expect it to be a Chinese.

She did know there were also Chinese spies, as she had worked with some of them together with Park Tae Soo before. But she knew the Chinese to be extremely loyal. She couldn’t help wondering what Nan Jung could have promised the Chinese spy to have him work for her and earn his loyalty. Perhaps Nan Jung had saved him, or threatened him – which was not impossible for her to do. It had become apparent how wide Nan Jung’s connection really was.

On the other hand, she had to admit the King really did a wonderful job.

“You have made a marvelous progress in our quest, Your Majesty. I am impressed.”

The King’s smile broadened. “Coming from you, Ok Nyeo-yah, that’s quite an honor.”

“Will you be keeping this letter here?”

“I’m thinking of asking Jae Seo to-“

Before the King could finish his sentence, the head of his ladies-in-waiting announced loudly from outside the door, “Your Majesty, the Queen Dowager is here.”

The King and Ok Nyeo looked at each other in alarm. And then King Myeongjong got on his feet, his mind racing.

Ok Nyeo was beside him in an instant. “Your Majesty , is there any other exit-“

“No. That front door is the only way is to go in and out of here. My mother had all the other exits blocked.”

Ok Nyeo stared at him in horror. It did register how strange it was for the Queen Dowager to have all exits blocked from her own son’s private quarters.

“Your Majesty,” the servant called again. “Queen Dowager would like to request an audience with you.”

King Myeongjong frantically scanned his room for a place where Ok Nyeo could hide. He felt panic took hold of him as he realized that there was none.

He looked at Ok Nyeo, who was also looking at him. The look of terror reflected in her face gave him a determination to protect her at all cost.

As the King scanned his room again, his eyes fell on his mattress and its thick blanket. Seeing it, an idea struck his mind. He wasn’t going to pretend it was his brightest, but he figured it was better than not having any plan at all.

He looked back at Ok Nyeo. “I have a plan.”


As a response, he hurried to his mattress and gathered the blanket in his arms, clearing the way.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Ok Nyeo whispered urgently.

“You will lie beside me as a pretend to be asleep. And then I’ll cover you with the blanket and pillows.”

“But that’s-“

“Come on, Ok Nyeo-yah. We have no time to argue.”

Ok Nyeo knew he was right, of course. But the King’s plan sounded so ridiculous she had rather almost decided to scale the walls and make a hole in the ceiling to escape. But unable to do anything else, she hurried to the King’s side and lay down beside him. The King took a few pillows and stuffed them behind her back and above her head, trying to hide her humanly silhouette.

Ok Nyeo struggled to make her body shrink by pressing her limbs tightly against her body.

The King took the letter from his desk, rolled it back, and then gave it to her.

“Hold this.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The King also noticed Ok Nyeo’s janggot. He grabbed it quickly and folded it, then tucked it beside Ok Nyeo.

And then the King looked at her apologetically. “Also… Forgive me, OK Nyeo-yah, but I have to do this.”

“What do you mean, Sire?”

The King didn’t answer; instead he placed a hand around her and pressed her tightly against him. She resisted the urge to flinch, and she watched as the King covered them both with the blanket, enveloping her in darkness.

It was thick and heavy, but Ok Nyeo wished it was thicker than that. She couldn’t imagine how they could fool the Queen Dowager with such a poor cover-up.

The King arranged himself beside her, keeping still.

Outside, the Queen Dowager had lost patience and ordered the servants to move away from the door. Even Jae Seo was unable to do anything as the Queen Dowager ordered a maid to open the door for her.

“Your Majesty, I am coming in.” The Queen Dowager said and stepped inside. She frowned at the sight of the darkened room.

The Queen Dowager’s eyes drifted to the single blazing candle at the top of the desk, and then she saw the King lying on his back. The silken curtains that conceal the inner quarters had been drawn apart.

The Queen Dowager’s servants had informed her earlier that the King had not left his quarters all day and no visitors had come to meet him. When she heard the report, she was pleased. But at the same time she had become worried about her son’s health. She had attempted to visit him earlier in the day, but she had been told by one of the King’s servants that His Majesty specifically ordered not to be disturbed. She assumed that the King was really feeling ill to want to be left alone.

But now, she had to go and pay him a visit. She wanted to make sure he was alright. The King might have given her a hard time the past few days, but he was still her son.

The Queen Dowager slowly approached the sleeping King. As she drew near him, she looked at the obvious bulk stuffed underneath the blanket beside him and wondered why the King had so many pillows. But then she also noticed, with the help of the soft glow of the candle, the documents piled neatly on top of his writing desk. It appeared as though the King had been studying some reports. Perhaps that’s why he needed the extra pillows. He must have used them as cushions when he reclined.

The Queen Dowager sat beside the mattress and gazed at her son. King Myeonjong’s face was paler than usual.

Meanwhile, Ok Nyeo felt like she was having difficulty breathing, and her confinement under the blanket had nothing to do with it. Her heart was beating wildly she had become afraid the Queen Dowager might hear. She couldn’t see what the Dowager was doing, but she could feel she was staring at the King, who was pretending to be asleep beside her.

How she wished the Queen would leave.

“Your Majesty.” Ok Nyeo heard the Queen called out.

The King pretended to stir, and then he turned his head away from his mother. Beneath the quilt, Ok Nyeo swallowed with difficulty, trying not to think of what could possibly happen to her if the Queen Dowager discovers her presence, clutching at the letter as though wanting to press the ink out of it.

The Queen Dowager heaved a deep sign. “Are you still asleep? You seemed really ill.”

Ok Nyeo noted a trace of worry in the Queen’s voice. She almost felt sorry for her, but all the while she also remembered the vile things the Queen Dowager had committed against her parents.

“Your Majesty, are you not going to open your eyes to talk to me, even just for tonight?”

At the Queen’s question, Ok Nyeo wondered if the Queen was aware all along that the King was only pretending to be asleep, but then she added, “It’s just as well. We could both use the rest.”

The Queen reached out a hand to straighten the blanket around him, and instinctively, King Myeongjong pretended to stir again and immediately turned on his side and draped an arm across Ok Nyeo – hidden underneath – so that the blanket won’t be moved out of place.

Ok Nyeo felt her body stiffen. She began to think that the Queen might have finally noticed her, and the sensation of the King’s strong arms around her contributed to her feeling more nervous.

Thankfully, though, the King only looked like he was hugging the pillow beside him. And the dim light of the room emphasized that illusion.

A few more moments of silence went by. Ok Nyeo felt like an eternity had already passed. And then she heard the rustling of the Queen Dowager’s skirt and the faint thump of her socked feet on the wooden flooring as she walked away, and then there was the sound of the doors being rolled open and then shut closed.

Apparently, the Queen Dowager had left. After gazing at her son for quite a long time, she decided it was time to leave and retire to her quarters.

The Queen Dowager had been gone for some time now, and King Myeongjong had long opened his eyes, but neither Ok Nyeo nor the King could move.

Ok Nyeo couldn’t bring herself to push the King away, while the King felt frozen in his place. It wasn’t just the fact that he didn’t know how he would react after he released Ok Nyeo from his grasp and be confronted with her questioning gaze, but the truth that having Ok Nyeo in his arms felt warm, pleasant, wonderful – too beautiful a feeling that he was willing to not move just to savor it more – to be suspended in a timeless rhythm of old.

So the King remained motionless.

And then a strange thing happened to him.

He was suddenly filled with the strong urge to look upon Ok Nyeo’s face. As though having a mind of its own, the king’s free hand slowly reached for the blanket and peeled it away. King Myeongjong found he was feeling a sort of anticipation as when a child rips open a gift.

As he slowly pulled the quilt away, Ok Nyeo looked up to him and the King felt as though he had fallen in a deep pit when he finally gazed in her eyes, which were filled with wonder.

Or perhaps Ok Nyeo’s eyes only reflected his own. In any case, he was staring down at her, lost in her eyes, which were the color of the blackest sea, wondering how could he possibly felt so lost and yet delightful and giddy all at the same time. No woman has ever made him feel that way before, and he was just helplessly being confronted by all these emotions he wasn’t familiar with.

The King could also feel the loud beating of his heart, the rushing of blood in his veins, and the pulsating of his pulse. It was as though his whole body was alive and every sense was heightened. The King wondered what could be wrong with him, considering he was feeling confused yet there was a pleasant feeling in the midst of it. He just realized that so long as he had Ok Nyeo in his arms, he was willing to weather this inner storm.

He wouldn’t have let her go – not then, not ever – but Ok Nyeo cleared her throat, and in a small voice she said to him, “Your Majesty… Don’t we need to – I’m sorry but –“

As though some sort of magic had been dispelled, King Myeongjong was forced out of his reverie. When he realized what had happened to him, he wore an astonished look that made his cheeks burned.

With some dignity left in him, he carefully removed his arm around Ok Nyeo and sat upright. And then remembering his manners, he turned back to Ok Nyeo to help her get up, but she was already sitting beside him with that questioning look he had dreaded to see earlier, smoothing her skirts about her.

He turned away and felt the dryness in his throat. He wanted to say something, open a conversation, but it felt as though the ability to speak had eluded him.

He looked up again and caught Ok Nyeo staring at him.

They locked gazes.

And then both of them suddenly dissolved into a hearty laughter, realizing they had just fooled the Queen Dowager.

When their laughter subsided, the King felt that most of his discomfort had faded. All that was left was a warm, giddy feeling.

“Ok Nyeo-yah, forgive me for putting you in such a difficult position. I think it’s time I stop imposing on you.”

“Your Majesty, I admit I was nervous a while back, but you don’t have much to worry about. It’s all part of our quest. Besides, I have already prepared myself for such situations.”

“I don’t think I can’t worry too much, as you put it. When it comes to you, I’d always worry.” The King had said it even before he could think about it.

Ok Nyeo’s smiled faded a little as she stared at him, but her eyes never lost their twinkle. And the King was relieved.

“Your Majesty, if you worry about me, will you not summon me here anymore?”

The question caught the King off-guard. He was alarmed at the implication of it. “What? No, I wouldn’t do such a thing!”


King Myeongjong caught himself. “Well… What I mean is, I would still summon you, of course, but I won’t do it if it will clearly put you in trouble.”

Ok Nyeo smiled. “I understand.” She raised the letter in her hand. “Will you be the one keeping this?”


“Then you better find a good place where you can hide it, Your Majesty.” Ok Nyeo said and handed him the letter with both her hands.

The King took it and looked at it a tad longer, wondering if he was doing the right thing – not about the letter – but about Ok Nyeo. He wanted so badly to see her, and keep seeing her. It would be a crime to try to deny he didn’t care for her presence. But he was surprised to notice he had learned to care that much about her.

He looked at Ok Nyeo and said, “thank you, Ok Nyeo-yah. I don’t think I could have possibly even dared do the right thing if it had not been for you.”

Ok Nyeo smiled reassuringly. “I am honored, Your Majesty.”

The King nodded at her in response, and he tried to remember what it felt like to hold her in his arms. The memory came as easily as he had anticipated.


Ok Nyeo discovers Lee Hwan’s real identity (The Flower in Prison FanFic)


FanFic: Ok Nyeo discovers Lee Hwan’s real identity

After what seemed like hours of running, Ok Nyeo finally felt her legs gave in. She clasped a hand over her fresh wound at the chest and felt the warm oozing of blood. She was beginning to feel dizzy as she leaned on a boulder set against the path of that dark, winding forest trail. It was impossible to reach Jeonokseo on time, and even in that hazy state Ok Nyeo knew it was futile to go back. She was being chased by hired assassins and they would never let her go back home alive.

As Ok Nyeo felt her weakening body leaned on the cold boulder – and then eventually slide down onto the ground – she knew she’d lose consciousness any minute now. And indeed, she felt her mind slowly go blank.

In the distance, she could hear horses’ hooves galloping, shaking the ground, and Ok Nyeo felt certain her end has come.

The last thing she saw as she drifted off was a pair of two shadows hovering above her, one of them drawing out what seemed to be a sword.

And then the world was suddenly quiet and peaceful.

King Myeongjong was pacing his study tirelessly and anxiously. He was desperate to hear any news from his right-hand man about Ok Nyeo – any news at all that would placate him and assure him she’s fine, alive and well. He couldn’t very well go out and search for her himself, since he had to stay put in the palace and keep an eye on his mother whom he knew was trying to brew a protest among the ministers with Lord Yoon. Not to mention that she had hired people to spy on him at all times.

Late that afternoon, Tae Won had come into his office and loudly asked if he could talk to him using the pretext of discussing a government issue for the benefit of the palace servants within earshot – for they can’t be sure whom of them belong to the Queen Dowager and Lord Yoon, when in fact he had come to ask if he had anything to do with Ok Nyeo’s disappearance. Tae Won thought he had taken to heart his promise to protect her and inquired if hiding Ok Nyeo somewhere was part of his plan. He had looked at Tae Won, confused, all the while feeling dread as the implication of Tae Won’s question slowly sink in.

The King had told Tae Won the truth, hastily so. He said he really intend to protect Ok Nyeo and was still thinking of ways on how to do it. He also said he had not even seen Ok Nyeo yet. Tae Won had looked at him with that shocked and worried look on his face, mirroring his own.

“She had been missing since this early afternoon, Your Majesty, I thought….”

King Myeongjong hadn’t waited for Tae Wont to finish his sentence. He had dashed out the door and summoned Han Jae Seo. King Myeongjong had given Jae Seo urgent and discreet orders to find Ok Nyeo, and quick, before she certainly gets killed. Jae Seo had left in a hurry, and now the King was awaiting his return.

He paced his study once more, unable to sit still even for a second, his thoughts running wild about what could have already happened to Ok Nyeo. He knew he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her.

Suddenly, King Myeongjong heard the court lady standing outside his study announcing, “Your Majesty, the Queen Dowager is here.”

The King signed, not wanting to meet with her. But he couldn’t very well refuse her lest she suspect something. Anyway, he would also like to hear what she had come to say to him.

“Let her in.” The King answered.

A moment later, his mother was entering.

The Queen Dowager strode in looking as regal as before, but her sour expression told him she was not here for pleasantries. They had long forgotten such light, casual encounters. As she neared him, his mother eyed him intently, and the King tried to mask his expression so as not to give anything away.

Forcing himself to stay calm, he bowed toward her in greeting.

“Your Majesty, you look as though you’re waiting for someone.” The Queen Dowager said in a tone that made him think if she knew what he was up to all along.

King Myeongjong remained impassive. “My affairs are none of your concern, mother, you need not bother yourself about them.”

“You’re right,” the Queen Dowager said in a voice that has a hint of anger, but the King was unperturbed. “I just wonder until when you can hold up your own.”

“Hopefully, until I am able to see my cause through, mother.”

The Queen Dowager looked at him with angry eyes, unable to respond.

“Anyway, mother, what brought you here?”

The Queen Dowager raised her head in a sort of way to assume her authority over him and said, “I want to know when you are planning to lift the confinement orders you issued on me?” His mother asked in a quivering voice.

Unmoved, the King answered, “Honestly, I have not thought of doing that any time soon.”

“What?” Queen Dowager asked in a loud voice. “Your Majesty, may I remind you-“

“No, you may not, mother.” King Myeongjong interjected. “However, may I remind you of what I told you last time – I am the King of this nation, and I will do everything necessary to rule with fairness and justice.”

The Queen Dowager stood there fuming at his words, evidently unnerved at his convictions. “Your Majesty,” she said in almost a hiss. “Must you be so drastic? You are aware, of course, that I won’t just stand by and let you do what you want.”

“Well, then, we are in agreement, mother, because I have set my mind on doing the exact same thing as you.”

His mother was at a loss for words. The Queen Dowager, tall and proud, had looked dejected as she realized that she will no longer win an argument with him, nor could she change his mind so easily. The King had made up his mind to stand his ground. He knew perfectly as well that his mother would be true to her words, and he had prepared himself for that.

The Queen Dowager fought to keep herself composed. She drew in a sharp breath and continued to glare at him.

“Your Majesty, I hope you are aware of what you’re doing.”

“I’ll bear that in mind, mother, don’t worry.”

The Queen Dowager’s mouth twitched angrily and she turned away, flailing around in an angry manner that made it look as though she was dusting him off with her skirt.

For the King, it appeared to be a confirmatory gesture that his mother was willing to have their blood ties overlooked in favor of her quest for power, and King Myeongjong felt great sadness that it had to come to that between them. He wondered how his mother could let power overtake her, and he felt pain at the thought of the many lives sacrificed just to attain it.

Slowly, the King inched away from the door and his thoughts went back to Ok Nyeo. He wondered what was taking Jae Seo so long. Even as he thought about it, he heard his head court lady announced from outside,

“Your Majesty, Sir Jae Seo has come to seek an audience with you.”

King Myeongjong was instantly at the door. “Let him in.”

The door was rolled open, and the King watched Jae Seo enter, alone.

“Jae Seo-yah, have you found her?” The king asked without even giving Jae Seo a chance to greet him properly.

Jae Seo looked apprehensive. “Your Majesty…. I’m sorry….”

The King felt his whole body weaken. “What happened? Did something happen….” He couldn’t finish his question. King Myeongjong was afraid of the answer. He couldn’t bear to think the possibility.

Jae Seo inched closer and dropped his voice almost to a whisper. “Ok Nyeo-yah is in a safe house, Your Majesty. She’s alive, but she’s been injured.”

“Jae Seo-yah!” The King exclaimed as great relief washed over him like fresh waves in the ocean, flooding his system. “Is that true? She is alive?”

“Yes, sire.”

“Then you know what to do. I cannot leave right now. There are too many eyes spying on me.”

“Yes, I understand, Your Majesty.”

“That’s good. Be careful, alright?”

Jae Seo nodded, and then he bowed his head and left. The King watched him go, feeling all the more nervous than before.

All that’s left to do was trust that Jae Seo would be able to accomplish the task he’s entrusted to him.

Ok Nyeo felt certain she had died already. Her whole body was stiff and heavy and aching, and she couldn’t open her eyes with some effort. Surely, this is what death means – or perhaps just how it feels. Her mind was filled with images of the people she loved – her foster father, Treasurer Ji, Woo Chi, Sir Yi Ji Ham, Chun Dong and his minions, Song Ji Hun, Lee Hwan, Tae Won, and many others.

And then she remembered the last incident before she lost consciousness. She couldn’t possibly still be alive after those men with swords came for her. Unless someone else had come and…. Ok Nyeo struggled to open her eyes. She was confused when she felt her body nestled against something smooth and soft. Could the afterlife have such accommodation for the deceased? If so, it was rather a pleasant surprise. She tried moving her fingers, clasping and unclasping them, tying to regain their senses.

As she finally opened her eyes, it took a while for her to focus. She was feeling dizzy and the sudden flood of light assaulted her vision. It was an awful feeling!

Ok Nyeo shifted position, and then she realized she was in a mattress. But whose bed was it? Finally able to focus, her eyes grew wide as she looked up and saw herself staring at a ceiling of an unfamiliar room.

She felt more confused. She tried pushing herself up in a sitting position, and she winced as she felt the wound on her chest stretched.

Ok Nyeo looked down. She was now wearing a simple white cotton hanbok. She took a peek at her jeogori and saw that her wound had been bandaged already.

A lot of questions were swirling in her head, and she didn’t know what to think. Her disorientation was worse than her physical pain, and she hated it.

She looked around the room. It was medium in size, and it was almost empty, save the mattress she was sitting on and a tiny table on one side with stacks of books, scrolls, and other documents piled in a corner. But the room was bright, airy, and squeaky clean. It looked like it was a spare room of some kind. There was a door to the far end. She thought of getting up but she still felt so weak.

“Where am I?” She asked aloud in the empty room.

Just then, Ok Nyeo heard footsteps and a moment later, a door opened and an elderly woman entered. When Ok Nyeo saw the woman, she was shocked, for she wore a palace maid’s uniform.

She drew in a sharp breath when she realized something. “Excuse me, ma’am-“

The elderly maid saw her and bowed. “My lady, you are awake. Do you need something?”

“Where…What am I-“

“Is she awake now?”

Both of them turned to look at the man who has just asked the question and entered the room in hasty strides.

Ok Nyeo heard herself gasped when she saw the man’s face, recognizing him in an instant, with his gentle eyes, graceful nose, and smiling mouth, only at that moment his mouth was drawn in a stern manner due to anxiety and worry.

Ok Nyeo watched the man walk in. He stopped right in front of her. The elderly maid bowed deeply in greeting, while Ok Nyeo just sat there too shocked to move.

The man in front of her was the Secret inspector Lee Hwan, but his clothes – they were the symbolic King’s robe! The familiar, rich red fabric punctuated by circular embroidered dragons at the front and both shoulders, denoting the authority, royalty, and power bestowed upon the wearer as his birthright.

Ok Nyeo couldn’t take her eyes off the robe. She thought the man looked just like Lee Hwan, and so to make sure, she looked into the man’s eyes and stared at them trying to search his very soul. She found that he was staring at her, too.

“Your… Majesty?” The trace of confusion in Ok Nyeo’s voice reflected the confusion she felt. When she realized what she was doing, Ok Nyeo quickly lowered her eyes.

The King turned to the elderly maid and ordered, “Leave us,”

In the corner of her eye, Ok Nyeo saw the elderly maid kowtowed and stepped out of the room.

Ok Nyeo was left wondering how the King could have saved her. And it was true – Lee Hwan is the King. She didn’t know how she’d process that information, so she remained silent with her head bowed.

“Ok Nyeo-yah.” The King gently called.

Swallowing, Ok Nyeo slowly looked up. She saw the King trying to sit in front of her. With horror, Ok Nyeo remembered her manners and attempted to stand. But the king put out both his arms before her to stop her, just like the way he did when he had stopped her from leaving him many nights before.

“You don’t have to get up,” he said. “I know you haven’t fully recovered.”

“Sir – I mean, Your Majesty… I don’t understand…”

The King signed, and looked at her solemnly.

Ok Nyeo thought of the many times she had regarded him with an easy attitude – even treating him harshly and suspiciously. She even remembered that one night when Tae Won and Do Chi had almost beaten him for thinking he was a swindler, and she was filled with regret.

“You Majesty…” she began again in an effort to apologize, but the King silenced her once more.

However, it didn’t stop Ok Nyeo from speaking. There were a lot of thoughts going on in her mind, and she couldn’t remain silent anymore. She had been alone with her thoughts too long the past days, and she knew she had to let them out or she would go insane.

“Your Majesty, I do sincerely apologize for how I’ve wrongly treated you, but may I ask – why did you hide your true identity from me? Did you… did you do it on purpose? Were you only trying to test me? I feel like such a fool now that I know who you truly are, and I am quite uncertain on how to accept this truth. Just thinking about how I have treated you… Surely, you won’t hold that against me, since you very well know that I was unaware of your true identity. We have been through a lot as well, and I can’t help but think that perhaps it was all a part of your plan, whatever it may be. I think… I feel quite-“

“Wow,” the King said in his usual amused tone and expression that Ok Nyeo had gotten so accustomed to. It was so familiar that her anxiety lessened a bit. But for the life of her, she couldn’t imagine what could be so amusing in the situation that the King could still look at her with that mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“For someone who isn’t so sure about how to deal with the situation, you’re one to have a lot to say.”


The King studied her face. “Ok Nyeo-yah, do you want my apology?”

“Pardon?” She asked incredulously, and then she quickly shook her head and said, “Oh, no, not that, Your Majesty! It’s just that I-“

“May I?” The king asked as he motioned to sit closer in front of her.

Ok Nyeo nodded.

The King sat and faced her, his expression soft and friendly as always. When she glanced at him, he appeared to be bracing himself for whatever he was going to say to her. “Even if you’re not going to ask for it- and I’m certain you won’t – I would still like to apologize.”

“Your Majesty…”

“I’m sorry, Ok Nyeo-yah, I didn’t mean to lie to you, or to anybody else for that matter. I have always wanted to tell you the truth, but I couldn’t seem to find the perfect time to do it. I know I shouldn’t have lied – not with something as important as this – but I have to admit that spending time with you had been the most wonderful days of my life. And I had become afraid to tell you the truth because I know it would surely change things between us, and there’s the possibility that you might decide to keep your distance.”

Ok Nyeo couldn’t say a word. It never occurred to her that the King would even have such thoughts – and to think he had been so afraid to tell her the truth because she might ignore him… Well, she was never angry at him in the first place, even after finding out the truth. It’s true she had only felt shocked and confused, but she was never angry. But she did think about it now – if she had known he was the King, would she have stayed by his side? Or would she have stayed away? She guessed she would never know.

“Your Majesty… how can you think so highly of me?”

“To be quite blunt, Ok Nyeo-yah, people like me don’t often have…companions such as you.” The King answered with a sudden tinge of sadness. Ok Nyeo had a feeling it was coming from a deeper source; something very personal.

“Oh, Your Majesty, but why did you disguise yourself?” She asked softly.

The King looked away for a moment, seeming a bit embarrassed. She suddenly felt sorry for asking, and was about to tell him he need not answer, when he opened his mouth to speak.

“I thought I was doing the right thing. As you can see, I am wearing this Royal robe. I am this nation’s sovereign – its King. And yet that remains true only in title.”

“Oh, Your Majesty.” The King was heavy with sadness now. Ok Nyeo felt something squeeze at her heart.

“I may be the one bearing the title, but the control remains in the hands of my mother, who uses power for her personal gain. I couldn’t tell you enough how ashamed I was of being King – knowing full well I was only able to attain it by shedding innocent blood.”

Ok Nyeo didn’t say anything, coaxing him to continue with her silence, sharing in the evident grief and pain in his lament.

“I wanted so desperately to set things right and make a difference. So I disguised myself and went out of the palace even against my mother’s wish. I wanted to meet the nation I was supposed to govern and to experience life outside the palace myself. I would have loved to serve the people, cater to their needs, and provide solutions to their problems.”

A tear had escaped from the King’s eyes, and Ok Nyeo felt his pain as strongly as though physical hands were gripping her, making the room seem smaller for the both of them.

“Ok Nyeo-yah,” the King said in a choked voice, “I wanted so much to be that change I was hoping for. I didn’t want to think it was foolish or futile. But it was more difficult than I had anticipated that at times I just want to give up.”

“Please, Your Majesty…” Ok Nyeo wanted to reach out to him and comfort him. How heavy were his burdens!

The King bowed his head and Ok Nyeo couldn’t say anything as she listened to his quiet sobbing. It was heart-wrenching to see their nation’s ruler in that state. The image of a very powerful man reduced to a sobbing heap and laid bare before her was saddening. And yet Ok Nyeo couldn’t have felt more proud of him – proud that although he was of high position, he wasn’t afraid to show his weakness to her. He wasn’t afraid to acknowledge his faults, and was willing to make necessary amends. She was touched that the King even considered her trustworthy enough to expose himself to her.

Slowly, Ok Nyeo got to her knees and inched herself closer to the King. She raised both her arms and very carefully encircled them around the King’s shoulders. She ignored the pain on her wound.

Ok Nyeo knew it was a brave move – and the braveness had nothing to do with the fact that she was willing to bear the pain of her movement. The braveness was relevant to the fact that she would be violating a rule. She knew it was impolite to place her arms around him, but she figured that what the King needed that moment was a friend who cared and not a subject who conformed to rules.

As she imprisoned him in her arms, she pulled him gently toward her until his forehead was leaning on her shoulder. The King continued to sob. Ok Nyeo felt his hand clutched at her arm. He was like a child that had tasted comfort and care for the very first time. And she cried with him – silently.

She rocked him slowly, trying to ease his pain, and he clung to her like he would never let go.

Ok Nyeo no longer knew how long they remained like that. All that mattered to her was that he would be comforted. Even in that little way she wanted to help him.

The King’s sob slowly ebbed, until he finally grew quiet. She continued to hold him; and then, at length, he slowly pulled away and she let him.

A long, comfortable silence ensued. And then the King looked at her, traces of tears still on his cheeks. But he was smiling faintly, and it relieved Ok Nyeo more than she could ever say.

“Your Majesty?” She softly called, smiling despite her own tears.

As an answer, the King reached out a hand to wipe the tears from her face. “You were crying, too?”

“Yes.” She said.

“How fortunate am I… that you should cry with me, too.”

“Aren’t we all human beings, Your Majesty, who feel emotions? I cried because I understood. And I share in your pain. I’m sure it’s not easy to be the King of this nation. And I just want to let you know that you’re not alone. You never have to. So please don’t ever think of giving up.”

King Myeongjong stared at her. “I promise, Ok Nyeo-yah…” he said solemnly as he cupped the side of her face. “I will never give up.”

“We will never give up, Your Majesty.”

“Yes,” his smile slowly broadened. He retreat his hand. “This is quite not what I expected. I came here to comfort you, but you ended up doing it to me.”

“We do what we can, Your Majesty.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

They continued looking at each other, and then Ok Nyeo was the first to look away.

The King was staring at her with a quizzical, tender look on his face. King Myeongjong had to admit it – that night was far better than he had imagined.

“You’re important to me” – Yoon Tae Won to Ok Nyeo (Flower in Prison FanFic)



It was a peaceful, quiet evening. The moon hung from above, hidden partially in a silver cloud. Ok Nyeo was able to finish her work early and went back to the house which Tae Won rented out to her. She was using it while she hasn’t yet seen a place of her own.

Ok Nyeo was inside her room, undressing, glad to have been able to retire for the evening after a long day at the office, when she suddenly heard someone calling out her name just outside the door.

“Ok Nyeo-yah!”

Ok Nyeo was in the middle of untying the strings that hold her chima shut. She didn’t have time any more to reach for her jeogori, and so she immediately turned on her back when the door suddenly slid open, crossing her arms in front of her in an attempt to hide her partial nakedness. She looked back over her shoulder and gave a little shriek when she saw Tae Won, whose eyes grew as wide as a saucer plate when he saw her, taking a glimpse of her bare shoulders and her white underskirt– which was unfortunately, see through. Ok Nyeo’s cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“I – I’m sorry, I didn’t…. I thought….. I’m sorry,” Tae Won mumbled in sort of a panic and retreated quickly from the room. Ok Nyeo was left frozen in a corner, unable to shake off the tension that had unexpectedly enveloped her whole body at the thought that a man had seen her almost-naked body.

She wasn’t sure if she could face Tae Won again in her embarrassment.

Calming herself, Ok Nyeo continued dressing up, telling herself that Tae Won couldn’t have seen everything since the lighting of the room was quite dim. And then, after mustering her courage – and making sure she was dressed properly this time – she slid open the door and stepped out.

She was quite surprised to find the hallway empty, feeling a bit strange not to see Tae Won there when she expected she would.

She walked out into the courtyard and sure enough, Tae Won was there. He was standing out on the landing of the platform, his back to her, and she watched him for a moment, noticing his erect form, before calling out his attention.

“Sir Tae Won.”

Tae Won turned almost immediately, a look on his face she couldn’t interpret. He approached her, and then he smiled apologetically. Ok Nyeo already had an idea of what Tae Won was going to say.

But Tae Won didn’t speak immediately. In fact, he looked as uncertain as he had been when he had dealt with her provoking question some nights before.

Finally he said to her:

“About the incident earlier… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have barged in on you like that.”

Ok Nyeo wanted to bite her lip, but restrained herself. Instead, she said, “It’s alright. I know you didn’t mean to do that. But why are you here?”

“Oh, well….” Here, Tae Won sheepishly scratched the back of his head. Ok Nyeo watched him in sudden amusement. “I heard from the police bureau that you were in some sort of trouble. I was worried…. So I rushed out here… to check on you.”

Ok Nyeo was touched at Tae Won’s confession, at the same time surprised. She couldn’t imagine Tae Won coming all the way to where she was at that late hour just to check on her. Tae Won was her friend – co-conspirator at some point – but it seemed too much for him to do such a thing.

It was her turn to look apologetic. “I have certainly caused you so much trouble. You shouldn’t worry yourself over someone like me.”

Tae Won looked incredulous. “How can you say that?”

“How can I not?” Ok Nyeo countered.

“I can’t help but worry about you. I have told you to inform me right away if you’re feeling unwell, haven’t I?”

Ok Nyeo nodded, wondering why Tae Won suddenly brought it up. “Yes, you did. Although I am nothing but a lowly girl, and you shouldn’t bother yourself about me.”

“Ah…” Tae Won clasped his hands behind his back and looked up toward the black night sky. “There’s certainly a reason why I said that.” He looked her in the eye, and Ok Nyeo resisted the urge to look away. “Can’t you tell? I have my eyes fixed on you.”

“But… why?”

“Because you’re important to me.”

Ok Nyeo’s heart seemed to jump inside her chest. She was quite struck with the sincerity she saw in Tae Won’s eyes and the firmness in his voice, as though what he said came not from his mind, but from his inner being. He looked as though he meant every word.

She wanted to ask why Tae Won considered her important to him, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask further. She felt her cheeks become warm and Ok Nyeo quickly slightly bowed her head to hide her confusion and embarrassment, while Tae Won kept standing there staring at her.

Ok Nyeo didn’t know what to make of it. She suddenly wanted to be alone – not that she disliked Tae Won’s presence – but because she was feeling uncomfortable with Tae Won’s bluntness.

After a few more moments, Tae Won broke into a grin and spoke again, much to Ok Nyeo’s relief.

“It’s late. You should go back in and rest, Ok Nyeo-yah.”

“Uhm….” Ok Nyeo was trying hard to think of something to say, but all she could manage was: “thank you, Sir Tae Won.”

“Go on now,” Tae Won gave her a gentle nudge toward the steps of the platform.

Ok Nyeo was forced to look at Tae Won and she gave him a small bow.

“Good night, Ok Nyeo-yah. Rest well.”

“Yes, you too, Sir Tae Won. Thank you.”

Strangely, though, when Ok Nyeo said those parting words, she suddenly felt that she didn’t want Tae Won to leave. And just as so, because when she picked up her skirts and stepped up the front porch and walked back inside, Tae Won remained standing where he was. Ok Nyeo didn’t dare look back because she could feel Tae Won watching her as she disappeared into the house.

PART 3_Web drama High end crush Ep. 2 (screen caps/recaps)

After making his phone call, Se Hoon came back into the room. I think this time he was determined to make her stay so she could be his newest celebrity find.

Dude, you actually just found your other half, but I love that you’re still clueless about it. Be fun to watch you fall head over heels in love with Yi Ryung – slowly but oh, so, surely. Hehehehehehe…….


h 588h 589h 590h 591h 592h 593h 594h 595h 596h 597h 598h 599

I think we can all agree that Yi Ryung is comfortable around funny secretary; and who would have though that Se Hoon would even be jealous of this funny guy? LOLOLOL.

h 600h 601h 602

Using intimidation again, Se Hoon moved closer and sat on the table in front of Yi Ryung, making her lean away from him with that knot on her forehead.

Man, that won’t make her agree with you. If anything, she’d rather wring your neck.

h 604h 606h 609h 610h 611h 612

Having heard enough, Yi Ryung decided to leave.

But not so fast, as Se Hoon pulled her back by the arm.

Me faints!

h 613h 614h 615h 616h 617h 618h 621h 626h 627

Not one to be manhandled, Yi Ryung tried getting her arm back, causing Se Hoon to be pulled towards her. And boy, he looked incredulous. Told yah she’s physically strong!

h 628h 629

What did Se Hoon do?

Of course he had to show he’s a manly man, so he pulled Yi Ryung so close to him their faces almost touched, and he wore that smug, cool expression on his face.

h 630h 631

But being the amazon that she is, Yi Ryung pushed our bratty Se Hoon away so hard he was sent flying on the floor, making him land on his back, with his arms and legs flailing in the air like some sort of stunt.

Dude, you never learn, do you?

h 632h 633

Se Hoon is down again, folks!

2 points for the white corner! Woot-woot!

Yi Ryung appeared shocked that Se Hoon was unable to get back up. She even got worried.

h 635h 636h 637h 638

Funny secretary walked over to Se Hoon and checked if he was still alive.

h 640h 641h 642h 643h 644h 645h 646h 647h 648

While Yi Ryung was still looking worried, funny secretary was now high-fiving her again, clearly in a joyous mood.

Dude, is that how much you want your boss dead? XD If you’re so determined, just bang his head real hard right now while he’s still out.

After he had recovered from his happiness, funny secretary urged Yi Ryung to leave before his master awakens. Although reluctant, Yi Ryung was given a push by funny secretary, so she finally took her leave.

h 649h 650h 651h 652h 653h 654h 655

After Yi Ryung was gone, funny secretary checked his boss again. He was hovering about him when Se Hoon just suddenly opened his eyes. I had a fleeting image of a zombie in my head when Se Hoon immediately got up and looked around while holding a hand against his skull.

Looking for something, err, someone?

He asked where Yi Ryung was, and when funny secretary told him she’d left, Se Hoon looked at him like he wanted to make a hole out of his face. LOLOLOL.

h 656h 657h 658h 659h 660h 661h 662h 663h 664h 665h 666h 667

And here we see Se Hoon running out of the studio to catch up to Yi Ryung.

Man, are you sure you’re just trying to hold on to a new found celebrity, or are you trying to make her stay for YOU? Ahahahahaha……

I also laughed when he was clutching at his jaw while he was chasing after her. Can you still feel her fist on your face, dear Se Hoon? Hahaha…. She effectively gave you a solid impression, didn’t she?

h 668h 669h 670h 671h 672h 673

Finally, he found her on the bus stop.

He saw her, and then he ran so fast to her I can’t even screen cap him without distorting his face, LOL.

He pulled her by the arm, which sent her crashing into his arms. RAWR!!!

As Yi Ryung put her hand on his waist to steady herself, her eyes grew wide. And Se Hoon’s, too, while a loud heart beat plays in the background. I was already screaming just by staring at them.

Hooked, baby. Our arrogant CEO is totally hooked. In your face, boy!!!!

h 674h 675h 676h 677h 678h 679h 680h 681h 682h 683


End of Episode 2



PART 2_Web drama High end crush Ep. 2 (screen caps/recaps)

Funny secretary, acting like a referee, tried to break the two apart, encouraging them to take a seat and just be cool.

As if. Can’t you see? They’d rather claw each other’s face out.

h 543h 544h 545h 546h 547h 548h 549h 550h 551

The thing is, Se Hoon was supposed to be pissed with Yi Ryung – and I mean he was; her fist was the very first that had graced his flawless skin – but as he studied her, remembering how she looked in that white dress – something very strange happened.

Yi Ryung suddenly become surrounded with twinkling lights – and not just those regular lights -but heart-shaped ones, with the wind blowing her hair gently.

Dude, you’re a really, really dead man. And wherever you’ve fallen, there’s no gettin’ out. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

At first he was like, “hmmmm…….”

h 555h 556h 557h 558h 559h 560

And then he was like, “what’s this? What the heck is going on?”

h 561h 562

And then he became like, “Oh, crap! Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no!!!”

And I was like, “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

h 563h 564h 565

Alarmed, Se Hoon stood on his feet and pointed at Yi Ryung. Man, you got a problem?

Our bratty CEO walked out of the room, intending to call someone. It seems he had found his new star – literally and figuratively. 😀

h 567h 568h 570h 573h 574

Yi Ryung was left wanting to strangle Se Hoon.

Don’t worry, baby, you’ll have Se Hoon tightly wrapped around your pretty, little fingers. Just you wait. 🙂 🙂 🙂

h 575h 576

When Se Hoon was gone, funny secretary suddenly took on a new kind of energy, and made a series of high-fives with Yi Ryung. He made her raise her other hand and high-fived her from different positions. I think funny secretary might be a circus member from his past life.

h 577h 578h 579h 580h 581h 582h 583h 584

It was funny when Yi Ryung even gamely slapped funny secretary’s hand. They were like an accomplice. Hahaha!

h 585

To be continued





Web drama High-end Crush Ep. 2 (Screen caps/recaps)

After passing out cold, Se Hoon slowly awoken, surprising funny secretary who quickly stepped away with his ice bag.

Se Hoon had a recollection of what had happened and here we saw the evolution of his reaction. XD

Gah, it must have really hurt! Ahahaha…. Is your skin that soft, my dear CEO?

h 487h 493h 492h 491h 489h 496h 488h 495h 490h 494

Funny secretary began to explain why Yi Ryung reacted the way she did – he mean by her throwing stuff around, and not punching him. She obviously punched him because he was being a little pervert. LOLOLOL.

h 497h 498

Se Hoon bagun to feel irritated as he listened to funny secretary’s explanation. 

h 500h 501h 502h 503h 504h 505h 506h 507h 508

Apparently, as Se Hoon and celebrity spoiled arrived, Yi Ryung was immediately brought back to the changing room and had her take off the dress. The problem was that they left her there in a hurry, without giving her back her clothes. She was screaming there, utterly naked. And I was laughing watching her naked silhouette  get smaller and smaller as the camera slowly pulled away. 😀 

h 509

Se Hoon looked at his secretary murderously, and I can hear him thinking, “I got punched because of your stupidity?!?!?!”

Funny secretary immediately shut up and began his apology, LOL.

h 510h 511h 512h 513h 514

Meanwhile, Yi Ryung was in the dance practice area waiting for, hm… practically anyone who can give her back her clothes. LOL.

But of course, funny secretary made her wait.

Our heroine was checking herself out in the mirror. I think she liked her new appearance. Girl, someone’s gonna love your appearance, you just wait and see.

h 515h 517h 518h 519h 520h 521

And speaking of that someone, Se Hoon and funny secretary waltzed right in.

Yi Ryung began her tirade, but Se Hoon shush her. Dude, you think she’s a little puppy? We’ll see about that. *insert evil grin here*

Se Hoon and Yi Ryung began their word war. And here I was loudly calling out, “on this red corner, we have Se Hoon, the bratty CEO,” and on our white corner, we have Yi Ryung. Fiiiigghhtt!!!”

On another note: they didn’t like each other here yet but look, matching colored outfits!!! *clapping like a retarded seal*

h 523h 524h 525h 526h 527h 528h 529h 530h 531h 532h 533h 534h 535h 536h 537h 538h 539h 540h 541h 542


To be continued


Newest Basic House photos (ft. Jin Se Yeon)

Jin Se Yeon has always been very interesting to watch whenever she pulls off her modeling stints, mainly because as she does, she effectively gets into character and she transforms into someone else right before your eyes.

For this season, Jin Se Yeon has yet again transformed into another woman full of mystery and confidence. I like her newest photos from Basic House, and as one of my friends in Jin Se Yeon’s official Soompi thread has said, she indeed looked like someone who had just stepped out from the pages of an Anime.

JSY 2444

JSY 2445

JSY 2446

JSY 2447

JSY 2448

jsy 2449

High class unrequited love (Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon with Sistar’s Bora)

I am so pumped up for this upcoming web drama!

Aside from seeing Se Yeon again on screen, I’m also very excited to see her with Jung Il Woo. A handsome man and a beautiful woman, and that’s totally an eye-candy to boot! Plus throwing in the mix is Bora, whom I loved since I’ve discovered her on Maboy’s music video. 

The story line might be a classic, old one in the Korean dramaland, but this genre is Se Yeon’s first, so I’m totally digging it. I read about a lot of haters bashing this web drama even if it hadn’t even started, which is ridiculously funny.

I mean, if you hate Se Yeon so much, then stay away! Duh! Common sense is sure rare among haters, huh?

Anyway, as an update, here they are.

1. Script reading has already started on July 15. Sadly, we don’t have photos of that yet, only of Jung Il Woo studying his script alone.

2. Filming’s supposed to start late June. Yey! We already have BTS photos of Jung Il Woo from the filming location. I’m still patiently waiting for Se Yeon and Bora’s:

h 23

h 24

3. Jung Il Woo as Choi Se Hun, Jin Se Yeon as Yoo Yi Ryung. Bora will play the celebrity who will be the bridge between the two. Of course, as the story goes, Jung Il Woo’s character would be the usual arrogant, spoiled brat rich CEO who met Jin Se Yeon’s character, a lovely but innocent country girl. 🙂

4. Jung Il Woo has been doing great promoting the web drama on his IG account. Tons of photos, and here, I’m sharing them with you. I got it from

h 12

h 13

h 16

h 18

h 19

h 20

h 22

h 21

h 24

Right now, I’m still waiting for the other BTS and official photos, specially of the ladies’. Looks like my September’s booked now. 😀

Jin Se Yeon for Ceci July 2015 issue (with Ms. Kim Chung Kyung)_Inclusive of BTS photos

Despite not having any regular TV drama at the moment, Jin Se Yeon is still busy with photo shoots.

This month of July year 2015, she was featured in Ceci magazine sporting a yellow dress and “bold lipstick, thin cat-eye and some nicely shaded browns” (as described in with a tousled hair ‘do to match. Apparently, she was in the “make-up or beauty” section of the magazine.

JSY 2344

JSY 2345

In this article, she also shared some of her her beauty and make up tips/suggestions.

Here are her tips:

1〉 MAC The Matte Lipstick, #All Fired Up ($16.00)
Rich, saturated color with a one-of-a-kind matte finish. A MAC cult favorite formula.

2〉 Liz K Color Veil UV Protection SPF 50, #015 Bright Beige ($36.00)
Achieving UV protection (SPF 50+, PA+++) with a foundation effect that evens your skin complexion.

3〉 Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Pur Couture – Vernis a Levres’ Glossy Stain, #9 Rouge Laque ($36.00)
Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain gives you a gloss, stain and lipstick all-in-one so you can have it all. Its lightweight texture immediately melts onto your lips, delivering intense glossy color and extremely long-lasting shine.

4〉 Liz K Ultra Waterfall Cream ($45.00)
Provides: Whitening, skin elasticity, powerful moisture, brightness and contains minerals.

5〉 Liz K’s First Pure Vitamin C 11% Total Care Serum ($71.00)
Contains 11% concentrations of pure vitamin, that gives glowing and clear skin. Improves skin health with 10 kinds of precious ingredients that enhance the skin immunity.

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JSY 2361


>> For the behind the scenes of the photo shoot, we have one of Korea’s renowned make-up artists, Kim Chung Kyung, doing the make-up for Jin Se Yeon. Chung Kyung has worked with several top cosmetics brands and celebrities. She has also launched her own brand in 2011, the “Liz K 3-in-1 base make-up.”

Below, the BTS. (Source of these photos:

JSY 2347 JSY 2348 JSY 2349

JSY 2350

JSY 2351 JSY 2352 JSY 2353 JSY 2354 JSY 2355 JSY 2356 JSY 2357 JSY 2358 JSY 2359 JSY 2360

Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo for a Chinese-Korean web drama

This is so exciting!

After months and months of waiting for a drama news, Se Yeon will finally be appearing on screen again, opposite another hot and popular male lead which is Jung Il Woo. Drama title would be “Clueless – High class unrequited love.”

It’s true I once pictured them as an OTP together, but thinking it was impossible to happen, I decided to forget the idea. But who would have thought that it will happen?

Check out the news!



Basically, Jin Se Yeon will play the innocent country girl, and Jung Il Woo would be the rich guy that owns a company. They will meet, hate each other at first but will eventually fall in love with one another. This is so my cup of tea! It’s going to be a 20-episode drama, 15 minutes each episode (source:


(Note: photo featured my own edit. Not official.)