Jin Se Yeon CHIBI (fan arts and animated versions)

I have always envied other Korean celebrities for having dedicated fans that create a lot of animated version of them on the internet. At one point I even became frustrated with myself for not having such talent, because I really wanted to make lots of animated version of Jin Se Yeon.

But, oh, sweet heavens! I am so happy to discover lots of fan arts for Se Yeon.

Here, some beautiful works of art by some fans of Se Yeon on instagram:

1. From titi.go

JSY 2332

JSY 2333

JSY 2335

2. From youai120

JSY 2331

3. From shirley_seyun.go

JSY 2334

If any of you guys would like to make more, you’re very much welcome. And thanks in advance! 🙂