Jin Se Yeon

She’s my sole favorite among all Korean actresses.

Young and beautiful, she has huge potential and a very positive disposition. A fighter, she refuses to be bugged down by negative comments about her. She genuinely cares for others and is naturally warm to her fans and haters alike.

Also, she looks good with any man starred opposite her. She’s my ultimate “shippable” bias, as I often stated in my Soompi account. And that opinion of mine is never gonna change.


4 thoughts on “Jin Se Yeon

  1. Thank you for making this blog, i have been silent reader in soompi just to know for jin se yeon news, so you are so familiar for me😊. Please continue to share about her in this blog or soompi.

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    1. Yippee!

      Another Jin Se Yeon fan, I see. I’m so glad! Thanks for dropping by as well. Don’t worry, I intend to update more posts about Yeon bear. Let’s gush about her together, shall we?

      Blessings! 😀


  2. I would love to see jin se yeon in an action drama , where she’s a badass female character kicking some serious ass , someone needs to make this happen

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