PART 5 Couple frustration 1: YeonWook couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

5th installment of my YeonWook couple. Oh, well, don’t look so surprised! 😀

These are my own edits. I screen capped these photos from crossover videos on youtube made by The Volterra13. She’s got tons of crossoever vids that feature Jin Se Yeon (and her other main and second male leads). If you watch her vids, you’ll love it.

>>  I had this imaginary scene in my head where Chang Wook plays a rich, charismatic man who fell in love with a beautiful woman, Jin Se Yeon. And because of complications, he was forced to let her go. OMGosh, the angst! Please make this couple happen. It’s long over due.

ff 02

ff 03

>> Another edited photo of mine from their drama “Five Fingers.” Yeah, this was supposed to be a meme, but it was all I noticed.

ff 2

More memes that I created:

ff 01

ff 02


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