PART 3_Web drama High end crush Ep. 2 (screen caps/recaps)

After making his phone call, Se Hoon came back into the room. I think this time he was determined to make her stay so she could be his newest celebrity find.

Dude, you actually just found your other half, but I love that you’re still clueless about it. Be fun to watch you fall head over heels in love with Yi Ryung – slowly but oh, so, surely. Hehehehehehe…….


h 588h 589h 590h 591h 592h 593h 594h 595h 596h 597h 598h 599

I think we can all agree that Yi Ryung is comfortable around funny secretary; and who would have though that Se Hoon would even be jealous of this funny guy? LOLOLOL.

h 600h 601h 602

Using intimidation again, Se Hoon moved closer and sat on the table in front of Yi Ryung, making her lean away from him with that knot on her forehead.

Man, that won’t make her agree with you. If anything, she’d rather wring your neck.

h 604h 606h 609h 610h 611h 612

Having heard enough, Yi Ryung decided to leave.

But not so fast, as Se Hoon pulled her back by the arm.

Me faints!

h 613h 614h 615h 616h 617h 618h 621h 626h 627

Not one to be manhandled, Yi Ryung tried getting her arm back, causing Se Hoon to be pulled towards her. And boy, he looked incredulous. Told yah she’s physically strong!

h 628h 629

What did Se Hoon do?

Of course he had to show he’s a manly man, so he pulled Yi Ryung so close to him their faces almost touched, and he wore that smug, cool expression on his face.

h 630h 631

But being the amazon that she is, Yi Ryung pushed our bratty Se Hoon away so hard he was sent flying on the floor, making him land on his back, with his arms and legs flailing in the air like some sort of stunt.

Dude, you never learn, do you?

h 632h 633

Se Hoon is down again, folks!

2 points for the white corner! Woot-woot!

Yi Ryung appeared shocked that Se Hoon was unable to get back up. She even got worried.

h 635h 636h 637h 638

Funny secretary walked over to Se Hoon and checked if he was still alive.

h 640h 641h 642h 643h 644h 645h 646h 647h 648

While Yi Ryung was still looking worried, funny secretary was now high-fiving her again, clearly in a joyous mood.

Dude, is that how much you want your boss dead? XD If you’re so determined, just bang his head real hard right now while he’s still out.

After he had recovered from his happiness, funny secretary urged Yi Ryung to leave before his master awakens. Although reluctant, Yi Ryung was given a push by funny secretary, so she finally took her leave.

h 649h 650h 651h 652h 653h 654h 655

After Yi Ryung was gone, funny secretary checked his boss again. He was hovering about him when Se Hoon just suddenly opened his eyes. I had a fleeting image of a zombie in my head when Se Hoon immediately got up and looked around while holding a hand against his skull.

Looking for something, err, someone?

He asked where Yi Ryung was, and when funny secretary told him she’d left, Se Hoon looked at him like he wanted to make a hole out of his face. LOLOLOL.

h 656h 657h 658h 659h 660h 661h 662h 663h 664h 665h 666h 667

And here we see Se Hoon running out of the studio to catch up to Yi Ryung.

Man, are you sure you’re just trying to hold on to a new found celebrity, or are you trying to make her stay for YOU? Ahahahahaha……

I also laughed when he was clutching at his jaw while he was chasing after her. Can you still feel her fist on your face, dear Se Hoon? Hahaha…. She effectively gave you a solid impression, didn’t she?

h 668h 669h 670h 671h 672h 673

Finally, he found her on the bus stop.

He saw her, and then he ran so fast to her I can’t even screen cap him without distorting his face, LOL.

He pulled her by the arm, which sent her crashing into his arms. RAWR!!!

As Yi Ryung put her hand on his waist to steady herself, her eyes grew wide. And Se Hoon’s, too, while a loud heart beat plays in the background. I was already screaming just by staring at them.

Hooked, baby. Our arrogant CEO is totally hooked. In your face, boy!!!!

h 674h 675h 676h 677h 678h 679h 680h 681h 682h 683


End of Episode 2




PART 2_Web drama High end crush Ep. 2 (screen caps/recaps)

Funny secretary, acting like a referee, tried to break the two apart, encouraging them to take a seat and just be cool.

As if. Can’t you see? They’d rather claw each other’s face out.

h 543h 544h 545h 546h 547h 548h 549h 550h 551

The thing is, Se Hoon was supposed to be pissed with Yi Ryung – and I mean he was; her fist was the very first that had graced his flawless skin – but as he studied her, remembering how she looked in that white dress – something very strange happened.

Yi Ryung suddenly become surrounded with twinkling lights – and not just those regular lights -but heart-shaped ones, with the wind blowing her hair gently.

Dude, you’re a really, really dead man. And wherever you’ve fallen, there’s no gettin’ out. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

At first he was like, “hmmmm…….”

h 555h 556h 557h 558h 559h 560

And then he was like, “what’s this? What the heck is going on?”

h 561h 562

And then he became like, “Oh, crap! Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no!!!”

And I was like, “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

h 563h 564h 565

Alarmed, Se Hoon stood on his feet and pointed at Yi Ryung. Man, you got a problem?

Our bratty CEO walked out of the room, intending to call someone. It seems he had found his new star – literally and figuratively. 😀

h 567h 568h 570h 573h 574

Yi Ryung was left wanting to strangle Se Hoon.

Don’t worry, baby, you’ll have Se Hoon tightly wrapped around your pretty, little fingers. Just you wait. 🙂 🙂 🙂

h 575h 576

When Se Hoon was gone, funny secretary suddenly took on a new kind of energy, and made a series of high-fives with Yi Ryung. He made her raise her other hand and high-fived her from different positions. I think funny secretary might be a circus member from his past life.

h 577h 578h 579h 580h 581h 582h 583h 584

It was funny when Yi Ryung even gamely slapped funny secretary’s hand. They were like an accomplice. Hahaha!

h 585

To be continued





Web drama High-end Crush Ep. 2 (Screen caps/recaps)

After passing out cold, Se Hoon slowly awoken, surprising funny secretary who quickly stepped away with his ice bag.

Se Hoon had a recollection of what had happened and here we saw the evolution of his reaction. XD

Gah, it must have really hurt! Ahahaha…. Is your skin that soft, my dear CEO?

h 487h 493h 492h 491h 489h 496h 488h 495h 490h 494

Funny secretary began to explain why Yi Ryung reacted the way she did – he mean by her throwing stuff around, and not punching him. She obviously punched him because he was being a little pervert. LOLOLOL.

h 497h 498

Se Hoon bagun to feel irritated as he listened to funny secretary’s explanation. 

h 500h 501h 502h 503h 504h 505h 506h 507h 508

Apparently, as Se Hoon and celebrity spoiled arrived, Yi Ryung was immediately brought back to the changing room and had her take off the dress. The problem was that they left her there in a hurry, without giving her back her clothes. She was screaming there, utterly naked. And I was laughing watching her naked silhouette  get smaller and smaller as the camera slowly pulled away. 😀 

h 509

Se Hoon looked at his secretary murderously, and I can hear him thinking, “I got punched because of your stupidity?!?!?!”

Funny secretary immediately shut up and began his apology, LOL.

h 510h 511h 512h 513h 514

Meanwhile, Yi Ryung was in the dance practice area waiting for, hm… practically anyone who can give her back her clothes. LOL.

But of course, funny secretary made her wait.

Our heroine was checking herself out in the mirror. I think she liked her new appearance. Girl, someone’s gonna love your appearance, you just wait and see.

h 515h 517h 518h 519h 520h 521

And speaking of that someone, Se Hoon and funny secretary waltzed right in.

Yi Ryung began her tirade, but Se Hoon shush her. Dude, you think she’s a little puppy? We’ll see about that. *insert evil grin here*

Se Hoon and Yi Ryung began their word war. And here I was loudly calling out, “on this red corner, we have Se Hoon, the bratty CEO,” and on our white corner, we have Yi Ryung. Fiiiigghhtt!!!”

On another note: they didn’t like each other here yet but look, matching colored outfits!!! *clapping like a retarded seal*

h 523h 524h 525h 526h 527h 528h 529h 530h 531h 532h 533h 534h 535h 536h 537h 538h 539h 540h 541h 542


To be continued


High class unrequited love_Script reading (Jin Se Yeon, Jung Il Woo, Jin Bora, and Cast)

Finally! We have two photos of the script reading event for this web drama, “High class unrequited love.”

I’m hoping to see more in the future. 🙂

h 28

h 27

And a fan cam of the YeonWoo couple filming <3<3<3

He looks like a Prince offering his hand to a beautiful fallen maiden. XD:

h 26

The newest love team: YeonWoo couple (Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo)

A lot of fan arts have already been made to give tribute to this upcoming tandem, the coupling of Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo in the anticipated web drama “High class unrequited love” (which is also known as “The greatest one-sided love anyone has ever seen).

Others have been skeptical about this pairing, and some more didn’t even bat an eyelid when they heard the news. But I, for one, am happy and excited for their team-up. Since I love to ship Se Yeon with anyone, specially with today’s hottest male leads, this news of course came like a gift on Christmas morning.

I got them from one of Jin Se Yeon’s facebook fan pages. I would love to add some more but I didn’t have the talents or the proper tools in photoshopping photos. Anyway, aren’t I glad to have found these precious edited ones:

h 1

h 3

h 7

h 8

h 9