The third queen consort of King Jungjong, the king who was easily swayed by retainers – 1


Queen Munjeong was the third queen of King Jungjong, who was enthroned as the new king subsequent to the dethroning of his half-brother, Yeonsangun. The first queen of Jungjong was Queen Dangyeong of the Seongeun Shin clan, but she was kicked out of her place by those who placed her husband on the throne. Although King Jungjong and Queen Dangyeong deeply loved each other, the king couldn’t resist against the immense power exercised by main leaders of the coup. The second queen of Jungjong was Queen Janggyeong of the Papyeong Yun clan, but she died after 8 years of marriage because of the postnatal disease she got after giving birth to the grand prince who later becomes King Injong. So there followed a brief argument about restoration of Queen Dangyeong, but it didn’t last long as the main leaders of the coup still dominated the government.

At that time, the people…

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