Hot summer

Right now, here in the Philippines, summers almost equate to being in a sauna room set on highest temperature. We used to enjoy summer a number of years before and be content in making the heat subside by dipping in a pool or drinking a cold drink, whichever you prefer.

But this summer, it was different. It’ so hot! I can’t even begin to describe how hot it was. But mainly we’re talking about 35 – 40 degree Celsius. In other parts of the Philippines, it’s 43- 45. Can you imagine that? You’re just sitting there, doing nothing, and you can feel your sweat trickling down your back like a snake being all sneaky.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy it despite the discomfort, because summer is indeed another reason to enjoy some cold sweets, such as this “dirty ice cream” I think is unique in our country.

It’s sold by men pushing ice cream carts around the city streets. You can see these guys everywhere, from outside the malls, at the school gates to parks and other areas. Basically they hang out at places frequented by people.

Take a look at this ice cream on cone:

Camera 360
Camera 360

Ice cream like this comes in a variety of delightful flavors: mango, ube, coconut, chocolate, cheese. In other cities, like Baguio, they have a strawberry flavored one.

It’s inexpensive, very accessible, and simply enjoyable.

A Filipino’s childhood would not be complete without this. Well, this and other things. 😉