Round and round/어쿠스틱콜라보 – 또르르 (Acoustic Collabo MV ft. Jin Se Yeon)

I was ecstatic to know that Jin Se Yeon was cast in a new music video. And because she’s the only actress I’ve diligently followed (internationally or locally), I get to know people (or bands or other celebrities, specially Korean actors) through her.

She had always played mature and serious roles before, so this MV by a band I’ve recently discovered, the Acoustic Collabo, is definitely a re-breather for me, and for all her fans, if I may add.

She had finally looked her real age in this MV, and she fits the role perfectly as that of a beautiful, young high school student falling in love for the first time. It’s entitled “Round and round” in english.

She’s starring opposite Joo Won’s high schoolfriend, Song Kwang Won, which I find funny and ironic. Because ever since Bridal Mask concluded, I have wanted nothing but for Jin Se Yeon and Joo Won to be reunited in a rom-com drama, but she ended up getting paired with Joo Won’s friend.

It’s kinda delightful and frustrating both at the same time.

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