The newest love team: YeonWoo couple (Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo)

A lot of fan arts have already been made to give tribute to this upcoming tandem, the coupling of Jin Se Yeon and Jung Il Woo in the anticipated web drama “High class unrequited love” (which is also known as “The greatest one-sided love anyone has ever seen).

Others have been skeptical about this pairing, and some more didn’t even bat an eyelid when they heard the news. But I, for one, am happy and excited for their team-up. Since I love to ship Se Yeon with anyone, specially with today’s hottest male leads, this news of course came like a gift on Christmas morning.

I got them from one of Jin Se Yeon’s facebook fan pages. I would love to add some more but I didn’t have the talents or the proper tools in photoshopping photos. Anyway, aren’t I glad to have found these precious edited ones:

h 1

h 3

h 7

h 8

h 9


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