High class unrequited love (Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon with Sistar’s Bora)

I am so pumped up for this upcoming web drama!

Aside from seeing Se Yeon again on screen, I’m also very excited to see her with Jung Il Woo. A handsome man and a beautiful woman, and that’s totally an eye-candy to boot! Plus throwing in the mix is Bora, whom I loved since I’ve discovered her on Maboy’s music video. 

The story line might be a classic, old one in the Korean dramaland, but this genre is Se Yeon’s first, so I’m totally digging it. I read about a lot of haters bashing this web drama even if it hadn’t even started, which is ridiculously funny.

I mean, if you hate Se Yeon so much, then stay away! Duh! Common sense is sure rare among haters, huh?

Anyway, as an update, here they are.

1. Script reading has already started on July 15. Sadly, we don’t have photos of that yet, only of Jung Il Woo studying his script alone.

2. Filming’s supposed to start late June. Yey! We already have BTS photos of Jung Il Woo from the filming location. I’m still patiently waiting for Se Yeon and Bora’s:

h 23

h 24

3. Jung Il Woo as Choi Se Hun, Jin Se Yeon as Yoo Yi Ryung. Bora will play the celebrity who will be the bridge between the two. Of course, as the story goes, Jung Il Woo’s character would be the usual arrogant, spoiled brat rich CEO who met Jin Se Yeon’s character, a lovely but innocent country girl. 🙂

4. Jung Il Woo has been doing great promoting the web drama on his IG account. Tons of photos, and here, I’m sharing them with you. I got it from http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/374314-upcoming-web-drama-2015-greatest-one-sided-love-no-one-has-ever-seen-before/?page=3

h 12

h 13

h 16

h 18

h 19

h 20

h 22

h 21

h 24

Right now, I’m still waiting for the other BTS and official photos, specially of the ladies’. Looks like my September’s booked now. 😀


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