Couple frustration 2: JaeSe couple (Kim Jae Wook and Jin Se Yeon)

I first learned about the existence of this man, Kim Jae Wook, when he was cast in the drama “Inspiring Generation/Age of feeling.”

In the origal script, he was supposed to be in a love line with Jin Se Yeon’s Ok Ryeon in the drama. In fact, he was her first love, not Kim Hyun Jung’s character Shin Jung Tae. But that potentially hit and rich love line was destroyed when Jae Wook dropped out of the drama after they had a change of script writer.

Just knowing that there’ll be a new writer was already a bit of a red flag that the drama might go downhill, and it did! What’s more, they reduced Jin Se Yeon’s character, who was supposed to be as bad-ass as Gaya in terms of physical capabilities, into a woman head over heels in love with the main lead, which was frustrating most of the time. She became that lovesick puppy that was always just in the background taking care of the male lead when he gets beaten to a pulp (because surprisingly the male lead thinks he’s superman out to save the human race, or at least that’s how the writer has written him off). But I’m not saying Ok Ryeon isn’t a bad-ass. She was tough in her own ways.

Anyway, I have seen the compatibility of Jin Se Yeon and Kim Jae Wook, physically and emotionally. They had a palpable chemistry that when I heard Jae Wook dropping I felt a great loss as if I wanted to mourn his departure and their wasted love story. I felt devastated, to be exact.

Not wanting their “almost” love story be forgotten, I resorted to editing. And fan fictions. Yeah, I know. It sucks, right? Nothing is more heartbreaking than a potentially great love story being destroyed by a nut job of a director/script writer.

So, here, lemme share with you some of their short but unforgettable moments from the drama:

Part 1:

From the press conference: Jae Wook and Se Yeon looking great together. He was older but she looks mature, and honestly I prefer them together, even though this was the first time I’ve seen Jae Wook.

age 191

 age 172

Part 2:

BTS from the drama. Just looking at their old photos makes me nostalgic. Gosh, how I hoped they could have been together!

age 603 age 604 age 616 age 617 age 618

age 666

age 669 age 670 age 671 age 672 age 673

age 718

age 747

age 1084

Part 3:

Official drama stills. Gorgeous, these two. 🙂

age 142 age 143

age 151 age 175

age 152

 age 556 age 557 age 624

age 676

age 678

age 681 age 682 age 683 age 685 age 873

Part 4:

Preview and other still photos. 😀

age 639 age 650

age 717

age 719 age 722 age 735 age 855 age 856 age 857

Part 5:

Fan arts for them! I tried so hard to find everything, but these are all we have.

age 9

age 10

age 1142 age 1141

Part 6:

They have very limited screen time together, of course, mainly due to the fact that Jae Wook left earlier than expected, so here, I’ll include their sequential photos that I snagged from all sorts of sources (e.g. dramabeans, drama recaps bloggers, etc.)

age 699 age 700 age 701

age 974 age 975 age 976 age 978 age 979

age 1009 age 1010 age 1011 age 1012 age 1013

age 1028 age 1029 age 1030

age 1040 age 1041

Part 7:

Screen capping! I think I have screen capped almost all scenes that they were in.

This first screen capped set, I particularly liked this because this is where Ok Ryeon first looked at Soo Ok as a person, and as a friend. She saw his pain and loneliness, which he surprisingly but delightfully revealed (because of course, even if he was the cocky, playful type, in front of her he felt at ease and was willing to reveal part of himself no one else knew about). To ease his pain, Ok Ryeon took a bowl and challenged Soo Ok on an eating contest. They will lock their foreheads together and will eat from the bowl. The one who pulls away first loses. I just loved the way Soo Ok stared at Ok Ryeon. He looked as though he was put under spell, and that faint smile at the corner of his lips was just swoon-worthy! And Ok Ryeon, I can almost tell she was getting hooked as well, LOL. When they locked foreheads, I was already screaming. They look so adorable, so well-matched. I wouldn’t mind locking foreheads with such a handsome, well-muscled guy. 😀 And that was the beginning of their “love story.” Which was sadly destroyed by the writer. SUCKS.

age 611

age 612 AGE 613

This is Soo Ok doing the moves on the lady. And my golly, he was so cute! He was being cheeky but Ok Ryeon was all the snobbish “taken” girl. Ahhh…….. My heart flutters for these two.

age 634 age 636 age 637

age 850

This was the most hilarious and delightful part. Soo Ok was just outside Ok Ryeon’s gate, and he looked over the low wall, signaling to Ok Ryeon to come out. His facial expressions were just priceless! He was like a teenage boy gushing at his crush. Oh, well, she was indeed his crush.

age 852 age 853 age 854

age 1081 age 1082 age 1083

Part 8: 

Because I’m such a fan of them, I decided to make my own edits. Not great, but who cares? LOL.

age 1104

age 1105

BeFunky_age 1111.jpg

Ok-Ok couple 2

Thanks! But wait, there’s more!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂


6 thoughts on “Couple frustration 2: JaeSe couple (Kim Jae Wook and Jin Se Yeon)

    1. Me, too! He’s very charismatic and handsome; quite talented, too. I’m sure in the near future, he’ll be able to make it to the industry as one of the most popular and great actors.


  1. Well, I`ve seen Jin Se Yeon only in Doctor Stranger and she was awful – totally expressionless face and bad acting 😦 On the contrary – Kim Jae Wook is a gorgious man and great actor.
    It`s insulting for me to compare these two.
    Let God get together KJW only with people that bring him fame!


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