PART 3 Couple frustration 1: YeonWook couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

Part 7:

Knowing he can never have Da Mi, and that she would never return his love, In Ha resorted to being her “prime stalker.” And again, angsty scenes from In Ha; so delicious! LOL. I love the way he stares longingly at her; looked as though he might breakdown any minute. Poor In Ha. Chang Wook just nailed this lovesick character of his. 

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Part 8:

In Ha stopping Da Mi from leaving by holding her back by the arm…. So unromantic but whenever I see them together, despite knowing how much of a weasel In Ha was and how much Da Mi was weary of him, I can’t stop shipping them. Because despite their characters, all I can see was “Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook.”

ff 091 ff 092 ff 094 ff 095

Part 9:

In Ha was excited to play the piano on a concert he shares with Ji Ho, mainly because he knew Da Mi would be in the audience. This poor guy.

ff 606 ff 607

Part 10:

After finding out that Ji Hoo’s family had been the perpetrator for her father’s death in the past, Da Mi left after confronting Ji Hoo. She was in tears. Worried for her, In Ha followed her up to the bus. And he was sad for her, OMGosh! He wanted so bad to comfort her but couldn’t. I was like “aawww………….”

ff 0110 ff 0111 ff 0112 ff 0215

Part 11:

In Ha knocking on the glass of the restaurant to get Da Mi’s attention; in this part he wasn’t yet the “psychotic In Ha.” And he was so cute, like a teenage boy, looking giddy with his crush. At this point I desperately wanted them to end up together, wishing In Ha didn’t turn up evil. *sigh*

ff 0131 ff 0132 ff 0133

Part 12:

What did I tell you about longing? Yeah, this is it. He just loves her so much. She’s all he’s thinking about.

ff 0139 ff 0140 ff 0141

Part 13:

I honestly wished this was a romantic date. But, oh, well…. As long as I can see them on screen together. 😉

ff 0135 ff 0136 ff 0137

Part 14:

Ok. In this scene, I am well aware that In Ha forcing Da Mi for a kiss is equals to “sexual harassment,” but all I can really think of was ” wow! If only they were the OTP on another drama, a kissing scene between these two would definitely be an explosive one! And look at In Ha’s body! His muscles tensed like that, with so much desperation and angst and pent-up emotions, wow! Just wow!”

ff 0160

ff 046

ff 200

ff 064

 ff 0327 ff 0328ff 065


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