Couple frustration 1: YeonWook Couple (Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook)

I had been in the habit of “shipping” certain characters in the drama that others might perceive well inappropriate or mismatched, mainly because one of the characters would be a bit psycho, unstable or just plain mean.

Since Jin Se Yeon is my favorite Korean actress, I feel so privileged on her behalf that she had gotten the opportunity to work with Tinseltown’s hottest young actors, both of her generation and the generation before her.

Although I shipped her with all her lead co-stars, I couldn’t stop shipping her as well with the dramas’ second male leads.

One of that second male leads would be “Ji Chang Wook.”

Jin Se Yeon and Ji Chang Wook worked together in the drama “Five Fingers,” along with their other amazing co-stars Chae Si Ra and Joo Ji Hoon, the latter being the male lead.

Sure, I liked Se Yeon and Ji Hoon as the main couple, but my eyes would also look over at Ji Chang Wook and tell myself, “my, he looks good with Se Yeon, too.”

In fact, if you watch the BTS of the drama, you would find Chang Wook closer to Se Yeon than to Ji Hoon. And they love to laugh together, too, so there goes my shipper heart. 😀

Also, Se Yeon and Chang Wook had that sizzling chemistry about them that’s inexplicable. A lot of Five Fingers fans noticed as well, and couldn’t also resist shipping them. Right now, Ji Chang Wook has been included in my list of guys that I want to be reunited with Jin Se Yeon.

As a tribute to them, I made a lot of edited photos of them together. They’re kinda sloppy as I’m not expert editor, and I don’t have the proper photoshop tools in my laptop right now (memory can’t support photoshop, so yeah) but I tried my best.A few videos on youtube also supported them, so I screen capped those videos. Like. mad. LOL.

Here they are:

BeFunky_BeFunky_ff 1236.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1214.jpg BeFunky_ff 1216.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1219.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1221.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1225.jpg BeFunky_ff 1228.jpg BeFunky_ff 1233.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1243.jpg

BeFunky_ff 1246.jpg


ff 400

ff 405

ff 1206

My screen caps of them, from BTS videos of Five Fingers available in youtube:

Part 1:

I loved it when Se Yeon and Chang Wook both pouted. They looked so adorkable! And very couple-like, LOL. And then Chang Wook just suddenly started hopping towards Se Yeon as he narrates something. It was so cute! They are both so adorable. And here I am grinning like an idiot. Chang Wook loves to play around with her, I tell you. 😉

ff 03 ff 04 ff 05 ff 06 ff 07 ff 08 ff 09 ff 010 ff 011 ff 012 ff 013 ff 014 ff 015 ff 016 ff 017 ff 018 ff 019 ff 020 ff 021 ff 022 ff 023

Part 2:

I loved how, in this part, Chang Wook gently placed a hand on Se Yeon’s arm and pushed her out of the way when one of the drama crews put in a steel ladder on set to fix something on the ceiling. He was aware of the surrounding and was attentive enough to push her to safety, and then afterwards he looked at her like he adored her. Or maybe that was just me imagining things, but I don’t care. 😀

ff 0246 ff 0247 ff 0248 ff 0249 ff 0250 ff 0251 ff 0252 ff 0253 ff 0254 ff 0255 ff 0256 ff 0257

Part 3:

Before they started their outdoor shoot, that scene where it was raining and Se Yeon was holding a pink umbrella, running towards the entrance of a restaurant, this is what these two had been doing. Together. Oh. my. gosh. My shipper heart’s dancing. And the way Chang Wook was looking at her – sexual chemistry right off the bat!

ff 931 ff 932 ff 933 ff 934 ff 935 ff 936 ff 937

ff 940 ff 939



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