Love Bear MV (Jin Se Yeon with Lee Joon Hyuk)

Seeing Jin Se Yeon’s latest MV, I can’t help but reminisce her old MV with SM entertainment, the one she acted out with fellow SM entertainment star Lee Joon Hyuk.

She was so young back then but clearly showed potential for being a future leading lady.

It was a bittersweet MV, with Lee Joon Hyuk’s character dying in the end in a gallant gesture of laying his life down for the girl he had secretly loved all along.

It was actually a very beautiful MV and I loved, loved, loved its story line. I also adored its theme and the overall “feels” it gave me. It’s one of those MV you’d wish would be turned into a 20-episode epic drama. I can already think of tons of fan fic just based on this music video. And I also wish for Jin Se Yeon and Lee Joon Hyuk to be reunited in another project. He was older than her but, geez, they look good together.

LB 1 LB 2

LB 3

LB 4 LB 5 LB 6


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